It’s the 13th studio album from the pogoing Pittsburgh punk rockers. The band has gone as far as stating that this record is something of a concept album! Cripes do we run for the hills as punk goes prog, will it unfold as something of a Punk Floyd record? Fuck I hope not. However, it does say that the band’s staple ingredients are front and center so maybe relax and not worry and just drop the needle.

To accompany the first Anti Flag Concept album they have roped in a whole bunch of artists to mix it up on this record from esse Leach of Killswitch Engage, Shane Told of Silverstein, Tim McIlrath of Rise Against & Brian Baker of Bad Religion, Ashrita Kumar of Pinkshift, Campaino of Die Toten Hosen, Tré Burt and Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop. ITs fair to say the band has cast it’s net far and wide and pulled in an impressive and diverse band of brothers and sisters to help them out.

You get eased in gently with the guitar and vocal of ‘Sold Everything’ before the drums pound in with the huge gang vocals. Dare I say it the elephant in the room called Green Day who probably made this kinda record possible and short and sweet it’s a decent opener.

Turn up the heaviness as ‘Modern Meta Medicine’ twists and turns its way through the speakers reaching the chorus with a thumping modern sound. Quite intense leading to some classic Anti Flag in the shape of the chant along ‘Laugh. Cry. Smile. Die’ Not quite a eat em and smile kinda lyrical journey but then this is Anti Flag.

‘The Fight Of Our Lives’ begins with a vocal over a buzzing guitar riff as we head to layered vocals that give proceedings a huge sound and a gloss that you often get from Anti Flag Theirs is a slick operation and nothing is left to improvisation and often comes across as sterile and clinical. ‘Imperialism’ featuring Ashrita Kumar from Pinkshift is the highlight so far thumping out the attitude ten to the dozen on what is a really decent song. Plenty of snot as the punk rock is amped up.

Campaino joins the band on the anthemic ‘Victory Or Death (We Gave Em Hell)’ before ‘The Hazardous’ sees the band head out without a collaborator on board with a thumping song. The next few songs sound intense and flow well together with ‘Work & Struggle’ being another high point on the record.’Nvrevr’ is down with the kids in the title as the song is fired off at a rapid pace with Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop lending a hand.

Hell were on the final cut ‘Only In My Head’, wow, that was quick. Maybe the sign of a good record that it kinda flew by and I wanted to dive straight back in for another round. I would say after having it on rotation with Iggy Pop for the last week I’m enjoying both and different songs are leaning out of the speakers and grabbing me on different plays so I’m hoping this album and its concepts keep giving up secrets here and there with every play and it turns out to be a grower not a shower.

I feel good after listening to the new Anti Flag as a concept it works well and the guests add different flavours to a very distinct style and sound that the band has. The fact that Anti Flag are taking chances means that I’m taking chances and sticking with this record, hoping that by the end of 2023 I’m still spinning it because I’ve always had time for these Pitsburg punks because they’ve always had time for the underdog and the underclass. They’ve rallied against corrupt Governments and injustices with a consistent and quality product that has provided me with a lot of fantastic music over the last few decades. On this evidence, it seems all is right in the Anti-Flag camp and the fire still burns maybe even stronger than ever. It’s never too late to get on board with Anti Flag.

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Author: Dom Daley

After reviewing the unique record ‘Punk & Roll‘ by City Saints They have released a live video to promote the track ‘Can’t Pin Me Down’ recorded live in Berlin. Check it out as well as the review (if you missed it)

Without a single record released in 2022 Shit Islands’ favourite sons The Hip Priests are about to make up for lost time with a new album released on The Sign Records and the first tune made public is ‘Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin” Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Roden House Blues’ which will be released in Spring 2023.

Finally, Golem Dance Cult release a new video ‘Dalek Rhetoric’ from the album “Legend of the Bleeding Heart” which will see the light of day in 2023. You can support the band and buy the song in digital format on Bandcamp

THE DWARVES have been members of groups like KMFDM, Gnarls Barkley, Mondo Generator, Kyuss, Motochrist, Penetration Moon, The Queers, Scream, Bloodclot, Decent Criminal and The Uncontrollable. Don’t hold it against them.

THE DWARVES are OG’s (Original Grunge) appearing with Nirvana, Mudhoney, L7, Supersuckers, Rev. Horton Heat and the Fluid. They appeared in the film Kurt and Courtney where they were described as “one of the more violent bands.”

THE DWARVES were attacked by a disturbed person enraged over the band’s lyrics. The first rock ‘n’ roll battle record, ‘Massacre’ proved the old adage that the truth hurts, but so does being assaulted.

As a confirmed fan of The Speedways, it’s no surprise that one of their recommendations is releasing a debut chock full of pop goodness. The Melmacs will be on the same bill on 28th January at Paper Dress Vintage, east London. So, what do we have here?

Eleven songs, from the immediate hook of ‘Good Advices’ to the Spectoresque ‘Planet Melmac’, it is a lesson in how to craft sly, addictive pop music. ‘Stage Fright’ adds keyboards to frantic riffing, made for playing in a sweaty club. Their blurb reads “very nice, very evil, stabbing you in the back, blowing out your earwax, rising the sun with its bare hands, nudging you on the dancefloor: no armpit left dry, no voice unhoarse, no haircut prim and proper: 100% hits, 100% fidgety”. And who am I to argue?

It’s music to dance to, ‘Can’t You See’ has a touch of early B-52s. ‘Low Life’ is closest to The Speedways, while ‘Retrospective Life’ is just the right side of melancholy. ‘Out Of My Way’ gets things bopping again, and ‘Watch Out’, with its bouncing bass line, reminds me of The Rezillos. Fine influences all around. But this remains a fresh, exciting debut album. As they reside in Germany, it would be wise to catch them at the above-mentioned gig. Get yer dancing shoes ready…

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Author: Martin Chamarette

THE DWARVES are the very best looking band in show business. They’ve shared bills with the Cramps, the Offspring, Vandals, TSOL, JFA & countless more!

THE DWARVES did a live one-hour performance on Japan’s prestigious NHK network. At the dinner afterward, they literally ate a horse. This turned out to be better than all of the food in Indianapolis.

THE DWARVES inspired a current popular catch phrase with their bestselling 2013 self-help book Make the Dwarves Good Again.

THE DWARVES played Berkeley’s punk collective 924 Gilman Street the first month it opened and appeared there with the likes of Green Day, NOFX and the Didjits. They were later banned for beating a spectator, but don’t worry, he was a fan of some other group.

THE DWARVES are a true independent band with no outside management or record deal, DIY forever. They leave no remains when they die, only footprints in the snow.

THE DWARVES bassist Rex Everything has been tased while committing battery and resisting arrest. He loves kittens, puppies and long walks on the beach. Guitarists HeWhoCanNotBeNamed and The Fresh Prince of Darkness teach and counsel troubled teens when not ingesting cocaine and masturbating to hardcore pornography.

The Hold Steady have announced the release of their ninth studio album, The Price of Progress, arriving everywhere on the band’s Positive Jams label via Thirty Tigers on 31st March 2023. It will be available digitally as well as on CD, standard black vinyl, translucent green-colored vinyl (band store), metallic gold (indie retail), metallic silver (Vinyl Me, Please), and white (Rough Trade). Pre-orders are available now. The Price of Progress is heralded by today’s premiere of the first song, ‘Sideways Skull’, available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

“Sideways Skull is a rocking song about rock and rollers,” says frontman Craig Finn. “In this case, they’ve been taken out of the game for a bit of rest, but still keep their dreams alive as they discuss past glories. We loved the big sound of this when Tad Kubler brought it into the band, and the studio performance of it felt especially joyful. We’re happy to put this forth as a first look at The Price of Progress, and the album’s title even comes from this song.”

Pre-order The Price of Progress here

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MARCH 2023

Mar 10 – The Weekender at Electric Ballroom, London, UK
Mar 11 – The Weekender at Electric Ballroom, London, UK
Mar 12 – Colours Hoxton, London, UK (SOLD OUT)

Australia, Australia, Australia! It seems that anything top-notch is coming from afar these days and powering through 2022 “Down under” has delivered time after time and it seems flipping off the year was the MO of Melbourne Rockers The Stripp.

From the great cartoon artwork, it’s obvious these rockers are all about having a good time and rockin’ out. Ten tunes between two and three minutes long keeping it short and sweet. They kick things off in style with a rollicking title track that puts the foot down and goes for it. You don’t need to concentrate to hard just know the title and shout out ‘Aint No Crime To Rock N Roll’ with your thumbs in your bullet belt and your head nodding back and forth. It’s part Scandi rock part old-school hard rock and a heap of Aussie attitude and a little bit of Bosh!

‘The Bitter End’ has a stinking attitude as the riff just cuts through the solid rhythm. Hold on a gawd damn minute it’s the backbeat of Joan Jett meets the bass grunt of Quatro that’s shoved down your ears on Ghost Town. I’m hearing comparisons of Sally Cato and her Smashed Gladys going on here. The songs come thick and fast and sound like they were born out of playing shitty venues left right and center and grinding out a style and sound born out of who they are and all they know.

The fact that Lux Noise are handling the record in Europe makes perfect sense and they should get over here pronto and hit the road with Bitch Queens and slay some audiences around the globe. ‘Witch Hunt’ has got some swing Whilst ‘Back In Action’ tunes into some fine Action Rock.

There’s no reinventing the wheel here and that’s not what The Stripp are about – They’re about picking up the blazing baton and carrying it forward – making a noise and doing it well and hopefully turning some young pups onto some good old loud hard rocking music. There’s no time for a power ballad its just foot-on wedge rockin’ out from the top to the bottom finally signing off with the shuffle of ‘Don’t Feed Me Your Lies’ with its hard n heavy tip of the hat to those who’ve gone before them and blazing a path to oblivion. Rock hard brothers and sisters and turn it fuckin’ up! The Stripp are in da house drink up.

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Author: Dom Daley

The Stripp Facebook

THE DWARVES were kicked off tour with a UK metal band for sleeping with the girls the headliners had hired to hang out backstage. They were banned from venerable punk dive CBGBs for breaking a table and bleeding on the floor making the venue cleaner and improving its décor.

THE DWARVES played with the Minutemen weeks before D. Boon died, visited GG Allin in prison and did coke with the Lemonheads in a seedy hotel room. And that was all in one day! Their list of collaborators on records is vast, including the ones they can contractually mention like Dexter Holland, Josh Freese, San Quinn, Nash Kato, Gary Owens, Stacey Dee, DJ Marz and Spike Slawson.

The U.K. Subs announce that joining Charlie, Alvin and Steve for next week’s Lewes and London gigs, and for the subsequent January/February European tour dates will be the multi-talented drummer Stefan Häublein, who is also the stickman for TV Smith & the Bored Teenagers.

Stefan previously played drums with Ava Adore from 2015 to 2020, the band of TV Smith’s guitarist Marc Carrey, with his other current projects being the drummer for Dexist, who are a post-punk band from Barcelona, where Stefan currently lives.

Photo: TCB/Chris Hill Photography

Stefan, who at present has committed to fill the Subs drum stool for all Subs gigs up to and including May 2023, had these few words for the Subs faithful when asked:

“I’m really looking forward to meeting all the U.K. Subs fanatics, I can’t wait to start as this is so fucking exciting!”

Twitter / Facebook / Time & Matter

THE DWARVES were one of the first hardcore bands to regularly use samples, drum loops and found sounds, even on their earliest recordings where they used cassette tapes to generate them.

THE DWARVES teamed up with Top Ten producer Eric Valentine (Third Eye Blind, All American Rejects, Slash) to make their last 5 studio albums. He even showed up to some of the sessions! Valentine and Blag Dahlia helped write songs for Smashmouth and Skye Sweetnam.

Tune in tomorrow for some more Dwarves facts.