OK so get this, an album of Street punk Rock n Roll split into four parts. Part one is tunes sung in English – I hear you say big deal isn’t most music sung in English? but wait the split is twenty-four songs half sung in English but the other half sung in the band’s native tongue of Swedish. Cool eh? fuckin right it’s cool and judging by the pace and tone of this opening salvo of punk Rock n Fuckin Roll it’s like a dustcloud of turbocharged Rockers flinging out of the traps like their asses are on fire. Man if Backyard Babied were still kickin’ ass like ‘Can’t Pin Me Down’ then the press would be going gaga over it. Like a fireball of energy with Chuck Berry licks added for good measure to the party of gang vocals and sing-a-longs then this would be a shot in the arm people are craving for.

Continuing the party on ‘Everywhere We Go’ its Street punk alright – fast melodic and boundless energy with choruses guaranteed to make to smile and punch the air. Possibly my pick of the opening side would be ‘Gothenburg City’ with its Boys-like melody and thumping bassline its a really good tune and more restrained than the opening few offerings which helps show a different side to the band however slight a gear shift it is. Worry not my rapid street punk amigos ‘Life Goes On’ is pedal to the metal and before you know it your thrashing about in a cauldron of circle pit appreciation for uptempo punk fuckin rock n roll.

The second part of this begins with a Rockin’ old-school AC/DC riff that is on fire! ‘Street Punk Rock and Roll’ is one hell of a tune and only helps raise the temperature to the power of ten. It’s an ambitious project from City Saints but if you have twenty-four tunes that flow well and it makes perfect sense to get them out there and let the fans decide. we boogie about to Jukebox. ‘One Man Riot’ opens up comparisons with some tasty Steve Jones like rhythm guitar chords which is never a bad place to be situated. ‘Love It Loud’ shifts a few gears and flys out the speakers already making this second side a must hear high voltage blast of Rock n roll of the loud variety referencing some of their favourites I’d imagine from Kiss to The Ramones via the Pistols in the sneer. Dead Cruiser is another more assured and mid-paced rocker. ‘Bang Bang’ Finishes the English lyrics in style – what a blast thus far and most bands would be delighted with eleven songs this strong but not City Saints this is just halftime and they’ve already made the best record of their career, hands down.

Side Two or Three however you look at it is up and running and the opening track ‘Noll Kontrol’ which having a stab in the dark might stand for No Control without using Google is a toe-tapping Clash-style slice of Punk Rock and I like it. ‘Naj Naj Naj’ might mean no no no I guess but I find myself asking yes yes yes. this third offering is more straight Street Punk on the whole and whilst I might not know what is going on lyrically it doesn’t detract from what I’m hearing. ‘Sirenar’ is my pick of the third side even if ‘våld föder våld’ has some nice Stooges one-finger piano going on for good measure to compliment the Rock.

However you look at this album it’s an impressive move from City Saints with so much music on offer and then to split it down the middle with English and Swedish sharing center stage is ambitious and a move I wholeheartedly approve of. Of side four the opener ‘Lordag’ is a great vibrant slice of street punk with a cool breakdown to get those arms fist-pumping live.

‘Mandagsblues’ does what it says on the tin with some cool harmonica honking for good measure as the band ride out on a cool slice of da Blooze. It only leaves the rapid blast off of ‘Logner’ to seal this album. Hit them up and check this out and indulge in a fine album with a lot of music on offer in these uncertain times you can always rely on City Saints to dish up a hearty feast of loud Rock n Roll and this latest offering of bilingual street punk n roll is quality and fulfilling. Get some!

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Author: Dom Daley