It’s been a while but it’s a great feeling to be back in the room with the extraordinary talent that is Chuck Prophet. A man who should need no introduction, a man who can make a Telecaster weep like a baby and sing like an angel a man who was a member of the best Americana Rock n Roll band Green On Red. A man who leads the Mission Express to steam through venues far and wide with consummate ease and make this Rock and Roll lark seem easy when we all know it’s not. But he has the gift and thankfully he keeps on giving.

Thanks to the Bristol traffic I missed the beginning of balladeer Kris Gruen (yes the son of the famous photographer) Some of the songs I did catch he played in this very same venue when supporting Jesse Malin a few years ago and you could have heard a pin drop when he closed his set with a near perfect rendition of the Johnny Thunders classic ‘Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memmory’ and the applause he received were well deserved.

Onto the main event and the one and only Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express. A show I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Taking to the stage at 9 pm and delivering a two-hour set was an absolute joy and boy was Chuck on form delivering the banter between songs making people comfortable in the confines of the compact Fleece that was near capacity for this one during the school week it was a set mainly comprising of songs from the last couple of albums with some deep cuts being knocked out of the park by a slick band who oozed class and rocked up some of the more relaxed material on albums. ‘Bobby Fuller Died’, and the spine-tingling ‘High As Johnny Thunders’ were dispatched early doors with Prophet stalking the stage putting on a show as you’d expect.

It was a familiar set mainly lifted from ‘The Land Time Forgot’, ‘Bobby Fuller’ with the odd song from from ‘Temple Beautiful’ and beyond with some of the highlights being the superb ‘Jesus Was A Social Drinker’ and ‘In The Mausaleum’ to the more rockin’ ‘Best Shirt On’ and ‘Ford Econoline’ with some really amusing banter exchanged with the relaxed Bristol audience. For me the highlight of the set was a flawless take on ‘Nixonland’ and the awesome ‘Willie May Is Up At Bat’. It was an absolute joy to watch a performer like Prophet lay his fingers across his fretboard at such close quarters It was a performance of Americana Rock n Roll I didn’t want to end from one of the most underrated writers and players the West Coast ever gave the world and ably supported by an exceptional Mission Express and Stepanie Finch on Keyboards, vocals, and Cowbell.

As soon as the show was over and the band was being showered with the ovation they thoroughly deserved I was wondering when I can get the chance to see Prophet again and when he will make another studio album. One of the best just delivered one of the best shows I’ve seen in the venue for a long time and I saw The Hives and Jesse Malin there fairly recently Long Live Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express they play Rock and Roll.

Author: Dom Daley

Way back in 2015 when influential Cardiff based punk rockers No Choice decided to call it a day, I was the person the band’s frontman Gagz decided to share the news with first. I was co-running and writing for Uber Rock back then and I’d been raving about the band’s 2012 released third album ‘Thru It’ to anyone and everyone who would listen to me, and checking up with Gagz to find out how that record’s follow up was shaping up, it came as a real shock to not only find that band didn’t feel like they were in a position to write album number four, but also, not have the energy to once again enter into the whole write, record and gig process all over again. Yeah, they had some basic ideas worked up, but the motivation seemingly just wasn’t there anymore, and to hear someone as passionate about his music as Gagz admit that it was probably best to draw a line under things as they stood was a very sad day indeed.

Fast forward eight years then, and with the UK seemingly having gone to hell in a handcart and back again six hundred and sixty-six times over (and with possibly even more shit to follow), it’s feels positively cathartic to finally have the fourth No Choice album blasting out of my stereo, and ‘And Still Some Cannot See’ sounds every bit as pissed off as I’d hoped it would. Post Covid, it’s a ten-track record that whilst dealing with the UK Government’s more than obvious shortcomings also touches on such subject matters as addiction, narcissism, eugenics, racism, greed, and failure…. and that pretty much sets the tone for what to expect, the guys having toughened up the No Choice sound especially for 2023. Then when Gagz recently explained that this record is also a heartfelt tribute to his sadly departed and dear friend Mr Gared O’Donnell from Planes Mistaken For Stars the “go for the throat” approach suddenly makes even more sense.

Returning with Gagz for this much tougher, more abrasive sounding record are guitarist Mowgli and drummer Lewis, whilst picking up bass duties this time around is Kaney. Beginning the recording process at Stompbox Studios in Cardiff towards the back end of 2022 with producer (and Bastard Son guitarist) Todd Campbell, opener ‘Sold City’ catapults the listener straight into that moshpit in your mind, thanks to Mowgli’s ferocious six string riffing and Gagz trademark barbed wire vocals and clocking in at just 1 minute and forty-four seconds it pretty much sets out the blueprint for what is about to follow.

Highlights are plentiful within the grooves of ‘And Still Some Cannot See’ and amongst them are ‘Sites And Sounds’, a thundering tirade against toxic masculinity and a tune which whilst not having what you might call “a conventional chorus” still manages to get stuck in your head, and then there’s the hugely impressive ‘Icons’, a tune I first heard over a year ago at a low key support slot No Choice played at a local pub and instantly recognisable again here. Elsewhere ‘The Snakes Took Out Ladders’ is not only a great song title but also a punchy just shy of two minute anthem that would have been a prime candidate for a single back in the day, and then there’s the band’s very own ‘Lust For Life’ in album closer ‘More Fool The Man’.

I’m not going to guide you track by track through ‘And Still Some Cannot See’ though because it’s a record that deserves everyone discover it for themselves, it’s one of those punk rock records that operates on many different levels, with each one designed to make you scream your head off, and I have to say that in ‘Warrior’ the band may very well have written their best tune yet.

‘And Still Some Cannot See’ is available right now on pink vinyl and download from Weird Beard Records (simply follow the link below to get your hands on one) or alternatively you’ll find copies in Spillers Records Cardiff and Kriminal Records Newport and hopefully via Pig at this weekend’s Slugfest at Abertillery Park, and if all that fails you can also email Gagz at for a copy or if you are interested in putting a live No Choice show on anytime soon this is also the best way of getting in touch with the guys.

It’s great to have No Choice back, it really is, they are an essential voice of conscience within the UK punk rock scene. Hear them roar and relish every second of it!

Author: Johnny Hayward

Yes you read that headline right, I am a bit of a Depeche Mode fan, not so much really early doors but definitely Violator times onwards, and they’ve sat on my bucket list for a while the only issue they are so big they only ever do huge dates, such as this 80.000 crowd in leafy Richmond. Before going into the review I have to say infra-structure wide the set up for this was superb once we hit Richmond, with Buses laid on taking you right to the stadium and returning you back to Richmond every 5 mins.

The gig itself? Opening a Scottish band called Young Fathers, a new one on me and a band I’d not listened to before. And do you know what? They were pretty tasty looking back their first LP “Dead” won a mercury prize back in 2014, they’ve gone on to release 3 Albums since the latest “Heavy Heavy “coming out this year in 2023. They also provided tracks for the Danny Boyle directed Trainspotting 2 .

Live apart from the usual sound issues which miraculously dissipate when the headliners come on they were great coming on like a Drum and Bass heavy version of Massive Attack, vocalists constantly cutting and Changing, powerful intense and full of energy and definitely the sort of band you would hope to catch in a small club rather than on a huge festival stage (as an aside they are playing at the Green man Festival this year) definitely a band to check out.

On to the headliners and Depeche Mode really do know how to put on a show, they’ve been at such a high level of Arena headlining for such a long time,  and it really shows, audience interaction is minimal but unnecessary, and the setlist drawn down from no less than 10 different LP’s made sure that there was something from and for every generation of followers. What surprised me was the sheer intensity at times when the band locked in giving NIN a run for their money, while conversely tracks like “Its no good” and “Everything Counts” take you right back to those early club days, there were hints of Bowie, elements of New order but ultimately it was all Depeche Mode. In Dave Gashan you have one of the ultimate front men and in Martin Gore a more than equal foil driving the music forward.

Stand out tracks for me were a spine tingling version of “I feel you” (From songs of Faith and devotion), “My Favourite stranger”, “Stripped”, “John the Revelator”, “Enjoy the Silence” and a Question of lust, but truth be told they played for over two hours and it felt like 10 minutes, always a good sign of a great gig, I have to also give a special shout out to the version of “World in my eyes” dedicated to Andrew Fletcher and the audience response, both locked together in tribute.

Definitely ticked off a Father/Daughter bucket list event, and if you get chance definitely a band to catch in the live arena.

Author: Nev Brooks

Death By Unga Bunga are back! They continue to explore the role of the modern man with all his struggles and insecurities. Enjoy this new banger. Get it:

Next up is a cut from the forthcoming Better Noise record from The Pink Spiders with their cheap trick meets Weezer track ‘Devotion’ lifted from ‘Freakazoid’ pre orders Here

To celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, the folks at Damaged Goods Records are releasing a double CD/vinyl compilation of dayglo, D.I.Y bubblegum punks, Helen Love. 30 years? I can’t remember where I first heard them, possibly Mark and Lard on the late shift. It’s like they’ve always been here.

From ‘Yeah, Yeah, We’re Helen Love’ onwards, it’s a reassuring trawl through their back catalogue. No one wants a drum n bass/free jazz Helen Love album. It was no wonder that Joey Ramone invited them to New York, they share similar DNA; instantly memorable tunes for sunny days, or when you need to pretend that the sun is shining. Most of them fly past in under three minutes, always guaranteed to raise a smile. Whether it’s ‘Beat Him Up’ or ‘King Of Kung Fu’, they put their Casio keyboard and Woolworths guitar to good use. Their hand made, primary colour record sleeves were designed by necessity, but perfectly suited the tunes.

‘So In Love With You’ would sit nicely in John Shuttleworth’s set, a real compliment in my book! Oof!

They even had the nerve to nick the title ‘Leader Of The Pack’ for one of their songs. ‘So Hot’ should be the theme to your summer holiday. This is ear worms a-go-go. There’s ‘Joey Ramoney’, of course, the perfect fan response song. I can even forgive their cut-up of ‘Wig Wam Bam’, and Joey himself appears on ‘Punk Boy’, a joyous duet.

As it’s looking like we’ll have a ‘Golden Summer’, this is the place to acquaint yourself with Helen Love. Over 30 songs. Tune into their own ‘Summer Pop Radio’, break out the ice pops and stop being so serious. Let’s go!

Buy Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

Short, fast, loud, ZEKE!  Seattle punk legends Zeke recently returned with a new single “Ride Hard Ride Free” featuring ZEKE’s signature mix of turbo-charged thrash-punk and Motörhead possessed rock n’ roll and provides the first taste of ZEKE’s new album, which will be released later this year via Hound Gawd! Records. In 2022, ZEKE was unexpectedly reborn with founding members Blind Marky Felchtone (vox/guitar) and Donny Paycheck (drums) returning to the drum kit. They went into the studio with Jason Freeman (bass) and Jeff Hiatt (guitar), they were with ZEKE before and got back in, to record a new album. The first single “Ride Hard Ride Free” is everything you’ve come to expect – or want to hear from ZEKE. A full-on thrasher celebrating speed in more ways than one, “Ride Hard Ride Free” has a very sharp style, with the band takes cues from old Motörhead riffs, then fusing it with hardcore punk roughage. A modern ZEKE classic. They tie in here stylistically with “Death Alley”. Produced by Jeff McNulty (Screamers, Blöödhag, Hell Bent For Letters) at Soundhouse in Seattle, WA, and mastered by Joe Bozzi at Bernie Grundmann in Los Angeles. The tracks are not available on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms. ZEKE recently completed a successful West Coast tour.

The band return to Europe for the following dates with The Hip Priests supporting at all UK dates.

Dates: 2023

Jun 20 – UK – Bristol Exchange (with The Hip Priests)

Jun 21 – UK – Huddersfield Parish (with The Hip Priests)

Jun 22 – UK – London New Cross Inn (with The Hip Priests)

Jun 23 – NL – Groningen Vera Groningen

Jun 24 – NL – Utrecht dB’s

Jun 25 – DE – Köln Sonic Ballroom Köln

Jun 27 – DE -Regensburg Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei

Jun 28 – DE – Stuttgart Goldmark’s

Jun 29 – DE – Neunkirchen Stummsche Reithalle

Jun 30 – NL – Eindhoven Effenaar

Jul 01 – NL – Deventer Burgerweeshuis

Jul 02 – NL – Emmen Pitfest

Jul 03 – DE – Düsseldorf Pitcher – Rock’n’Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf

Jul 04 – DE – Hamburg Knust Hamburg

Jul 05 – DE – Berlin RESET – Live Club Berlin Kreuzberg

Jul 06 – DE – Dortmund Hafenschänke subrosa

Jul 07 – DE – Kassel Goldgrube Kassel

Jul 08 – BE – Gierle SJOCK Festival

Jul 10 – DE – München Backstage

Jul 11 – IT – Bologna Freakout Club

Jul 12 – IT – Torino BLAH BLAH

Jul 14 – ES – Barcelona Sala Upload

Jul 15 – ES – Madrid Gruta 77

Current Line Up: Blind Marky Felchtone – Guitar and Vocals, Donny Paycheck – Drums, Jason Freeman – Bass, Jeff Hiatt – Guitar and Vocals.

Online: / instagram @zekeband

The first single from ‘The British Sessions’ which entered the iTunes country chart at number 2.

With his roots in Aberdeen, Washington, Leroy Virgil adopted Reno, Nevada as his home and the base for Hellbound Glory back in the early 2000’s. The americana/roots rock artist cites his influences as Hank Williams, Nirvana and Hank Williams Jr, and his songs are influenced by the Reno nightlife, the women he has met and the fights he has gotten into.

A new direction sees Leroy and his faithful sidekick Chuck Bradley venture across the pond to bring Scumbag Country to where some of its roots were firmly planted in English and Irish folk music. Travelling around London, playing a few shows and then basing themselves in the North of the country, in the historic city of York, the duo got to work with UK music producers Paul Gorry and George Shilling to incorporate British and Irish folk instruments into their own brand of outlaw country, following in the footsteps of the likes of Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Dylan to change their sound.

Follow Hellbound Glory:




Let’s not fuck about here – Dutch punk n rollers Batwölf are slipping into their shit kickers and kicking some shit! From the opening assault of ‘Nicotene’ the gloves are off and a well-ballanced punk n roll riff is unleashed. ‘Over Your Shoulder’ is thunderous and has a decent hook on the chorus and a nice touch to expand the beatdown with that barroom piano.

Sixteen tracks between one and three minutes long most around two plus minutes is more than enough time even for the audio challenged of rockers to engage with. ‘Crazy Driver’ is brutal ‘Dictator’ channels the ghost and spirit of Lemmy whilst the title track just Rocks the fuck out. The fact they’re involved with TNS and recently played the Manchester Punk Festival means these guys should be taken seriously and you need to take notice of them right here right now this shit is serious!

If you think there’s going to be any lite relief then strap in mofos this rides heading south like a flaming hellbound handcart ‘Dirt Track HEart Attack’ is like a boot to the throad and before you can catch your breath ‘The Float’ is already upon you handclapping like a cavalier Jagger in sequins and bullet belts. The avalanche of Riffs keeps on coming and the oldie rocker of ‘Gypsie Blood’ is the chaser for the frantic dash of ‘Moth, Flame, Fire’.

Take it easy in manageable chunks in this summer heat kids this should come with a health warning it’s seriously dangerous and I like it a lot. They’re not reinventing the wheel here but they clearly love loud, m fast rock n roll and that’ll do for me when it’s done this well.

Its a lot of songs to get to grips with but the journey is worth it, just stay away from flames and flammable material, ‘Punchbag’ is a flurry of fists before they sign off or spontaneously combust with the anthemic glug of ‘Dead Horse’. Tap me out I’m done, nurse bring me oxygen this Rock n Roll is killing me but I do love it! Now let’s go start some fires, drink beer and buy more loud, fast records like this – Buy it!

Buy Here


Author: Dom Daley

Alex Hagen is the singer/songwriter and one of the guitar players in Baltimore Punk ‘n’ Roll band Ravagers who just managed an impressive romp across some of Europe showcasing their latest record ‘Badlands‘. We tracked down the frontman and threw a bunch of questions in his direction because we love Ravagers and everything they stand for. It’s Rock N Roll baby and these guys live it and breathe it and we want to help spread the word because the world needs Punk ‘n’ Rollers like Alex and his bandmates. So settle down and check out what went down when RPM Online caught up with Alex Hagen…

Give us a bit of a background to Ravagers. When did you put the band together? I notice only you and Ray survived the band from the first record to the current ‘album and tour.

Ravagers began in 2013 when me and Ray dropped out of high school to dabble in illegal activities and start our own street gang in Baltimore. All the corners were taken in our neighborhood so we started playing rock music to get rich. We’ve been through a couple members since then. Some ended up biting the bullet and others realized the harsh reality that is the long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

When did you first pick up a guitar? Did you always want to be a frontman handling vocals and playing an instrument? I played my first power chord in middle school on a neighbor’s busted practice amp and thought it sounded SICK but I ended up joining my first band on bass till I was confident enough with a guitar to write my own songs. That band ended up falling apart and I had started writing some songs on an old brown melody maker style guitar Matt Gabs set up for me. I got a corporate job for a short while to save up for a Marshall JMP and some celestion greenback speakers that I put into an old ampeg 4/12 cab and I still use it to this day.

When Gabbs joined he’d done the production on previous recordings was it the case of right time right place? I moved into Matt Gabs house around 2011 and when I was working on music I’d show him my ideas. We’ve always collaborated and bounced ideas off each other. When we would record I’d make him come in the studio to listen in and make sure everything was sounding good. He joined the band in 2018 when our guitar player at the time left.

The recent run through Europe you had Sam fill in on Bass is that a permanent thing now? Personally I think the pair of Gabs and Sam are perfect for the band both sound and look. Sam is working out great. He has a cool look on stage and loves the same music that inspires the band. On top of that he’s always down to play and go on tour. As long as he keeps it up he’s in!

You recently did an impressive shift around mainland Europe but missed out the UK are there any plans to visit shit island for maybe a couple of shows next time? I travelled to Barca for the show and thought the performance was excellent but the venue not so. How was the tour? This was our first time in Europe and it was hard enough to get the shows booked that we had working with two different booking agents. We had a great tour manager Gwinny, who on top of driving and selling merch actually booked some of the shows for us before the tour started. The tour seemed to be a gamble and we wanted to at least make the money to pay for our plane tickets back. We heard the UK taxed merch, required visas, and the shows wouldn’t give us places to stay so we opted out of it this time. The tour was a success so we are hoping to go back soon and do some UK dates next time.

Touring Europe was it what you expected? What were some of the highlights? We didn’t know what to expect. Gabs had been over a few times with Biters and Sonny Vincent so he knew but as for us I was shocked at how well the shows were attended and how well the venues and promoters treated us. Some of the gigs we were the only band and people expected us to play an hour every night so we gave it our all. I think it pushed us to grow as a band. Some of the highlights was a sold out show in Dresden, I had cut my finger that morning on a razor blade and when we played that night blood was gushing everywhere! With 28 shows our 2 days off were certainly highlights. Visiting the H.R. Giger museum in Gruyere Switzerland and having a relaxing day in Barcelona was awesome.

Going back to the recent album ‘Badlands’ how did you come to hook up with Wanda in Germany and Spaghetty Town Records two great fits for the band. We have been with Spaghetty Town since the 2018 Drowning in Blood single. They are based in Atlanta where we’ve played a lot and our great friends of ours. They partnered with Wanda on the new release so we would have European and US distribution. Q8. When coming to record a record with you being the main songwriter is it easier now there are other players in the band who also write will it evolve the sound of the band at all? We’ve always collaborated as a band. For the most part I’m the one who brings a song to the table. For example. Here’s the name of this song, Here’s the melody and hook I have in mind. Then we all play it and it grows from there. Things almost always change last minute in the studio when you hear everything over the monitors. We had a great producer (Tuk Smith) who also pushed us to take the songs to the next level. He helped a lot stepping in as a 5th band member and not letting anyone slack on their performance. I think we will do the next record with him as well.

You played some pretty cool covers on the tour from the UK Subs to the Lords of the new church what was it about those songs that made them fit into your set and what others would you love to play? Those songs are bangers and I feel like I have a deep connection with them ya know? They are dark and have powerful hooks with great lyrics. I’m not sure what we will cover next. Maybe something nobody knows so we can say it’s ours.

What are your plans for moving forward and the next album? Will this line up get recording soon and have you many songs already written? So far the plan is to keep coming up with new songs. We have lots but we only record the ones we think are worth it. We will see what makes it on the next record. I would like to get in the studio asap.

You hail from Baltimore is it a good place to hang out in a rock n roll band and is there much of a scene for you to feed off? Lots of great inspiration in Baltimore. I saw a guy last week try to rob my local grocery store with a machete and got chased out buy security with their guns out. I wouldn’t say there is much Rock N Roll these days, mostly hardcore and stoner metal, but there are some great bands. Total Maniac is my favorite Baltimore band and we like playing shows with them. Matt and our new bass player Sam live in NYC so we are going up there to play a lot now. We like playing with Mala Vista, The Trash Bags, Wyldlife, and Tuxedo Cats.

The two EPs you released is there any plan to press them onto one compilation album maybe? Do you have a favourite track you like to play live? I like those two EP’s as separate records. I don’t feel the need to consolidate them onto one vinyl. I like that they are pressed at 45 RPM because they sound better. I also like the art on each of the covers. The first record “Livin in Oblivion” is getting repressed and will be out this summer on Spaghetti town. It’s been remixed and mastered and sounds great.

Good luck to Ravagers for the future and hopefully I can catch you again on the road in Europe or the UK who knows and I look forward to your next record release. Keep on Keeping on. .

Facebook / Bandcamp / Spaghetty Town Records / Wanda Records

From the upcoming album ‘Road’ (August 25th)

Access the album here:

After thousands upon thousands of gigs and easily a million miles traveled, iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame® Inductee Alice Cooper revs up as loudly as ever on his new solo album ‘Road’.

‘I’m Alice’, the opener and first single from Alice Cooper’s new studio album, sets the tone for the album with its driving drumbeat as guitars wail in the distance. Alice’s instantly recognizable rasp takes hold, “I know you’re looking for a real good time.

Produced by longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, the album is written, composed and recorded with his current touring band. Bringing everything full circle, it channels the spirit of old school Alice with instantly recognizable grit and plenty of gusto. It’s everything you’d hope for from him and more. And this time his trusted longtime bandmates— Ryan Roxie [guitar], Chuck Garric [bass], Tommy Henrikson [guitar], Glen Sobel [drums], and Nita Strauss [guitar]—are riding shotgun.

Complementing the album’s theme, the bonus DVD/Blu-ray comes with Alice Cooper’s 2022 full live show at Hellfest 2022 and includes all the classics and rarely played gems. Follow the latest news on ALICE COOPER and ‘Road’ –


Alice on Instagram:

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