Let’s not fuck about here – Dutch punk n rollers Batwölf are slipping into their shit kickers and kicking some shit! From the opening assault of ‘Nicotene’ the gloves are off and a well-ballanced punk n roll riff is unleashed. ‘Over Your Shoulder’ is thunderous and has a decent hook on the chorus and a nice touch to expand the beatdown with that barroom piano.

Sixteen tracks between one and three minutes long most around two plus minutes is more than enough time even for the audio challenged of rockers to engage with. ‘Crazy Driver’ is brutal ‘Dictator’ channels the ghost and spirit of Lemmy whilst the title track just Rocks the fuck out. The fact they’re involved with TNS and recently played the Manchester Punk Festival means these guys should be taken seriously and you need to take notice of them right here right now this shit is serious!

If you think there’s going to be any lite relief then strap in mofos this rides heading south like a flaming hellbound handcart ‘Dirt Track HEart Attack’ is like a boot to the throad and before you can catch your breath ‘The Float’ is already upon you handclapping like a cavalier Jagger in sequins and bullet belts. The avalanche of Riffs keeps on coming and the oldie rocker of ‘Gypsie Blood’ is the chaser for the frantic dash of ‘Moth, Flame, Fire’.

Take it easy in manageable chunks in this summer heat kids this should come with a health warning it’s seriously dangerous and I like it a lot. They’re not reinventing the wheel here but they clearly love loud, m fast rock n roll and that’ll do for me when it’s done this well.

Its a lot of songs to get to grips with but the journey is worth it, just stay away from flames and flammable material, ‘Punchbag’ is a flurry of fists before they sign off or spontaneously combust with the anthemic glug of ‘Dead Horse’. Tap me out I’m done, nurse bring me oxygen this Rock n Roll is killing me but I do love it! Now let’s go start some fires, drink beer and buy more loud, fast records like this – Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley