Fraser Munro.


“She makes God mad, he wants to fuck her so bad” ….. yup welcome to Pussy Town!

Seven albums in and still balls deep in the kind of rock & roll that makes nice girls blush and bad girls raise a cold beer. Slip this bad boy in your music box and enter Col Blaine Cartright’s Fried Chicken and Coffee Joint. Get it while it’s hot.

“She Keeps Me Coming” kicks things off in full on Pussy style, Daniel Rey’s production is clean but dirty giving the track a real live raw feel. The guitars scream the drums crack and as for the bass… Bonnie’s got the bottom end covered.

When I saw the promo video for the second track “We Want a War” I thought it was okay-ish but sitting amongst these 12 other great tunes it stands tall; cocksure and kicking ass. Onto the triple rock treat of “Just Another White Boy”, “Go Home and Die” and “Low Down Dirty Pig”, classic sounding southern tunes, one and all. Parliment’s “Testify” notches things up a level with its southern baptist vibe, more fucked up than funk with Ruyter and Bonnie singing the hell out of the chorus while that big ol’ organ pumps away in the background.

“One Bad Mother” marks the midpoint of the proceedings. I’d love to say that I could flip the LP over now, but given the record notched up a staggering £24, I went for the considerably cheaper little silver version instead. Anyway, its the music that counts.

As if you couldn’t guess Pussy’s take on Nazareth’s dirty blues hard luck story “Woke Up This Morning” kicks some serious ass while autobiographical (?) “Drinking My Life Away” really hits the spot. New inmate Ben Thomas’ drums sound fantastic, nice a dry and well… live.

Into the home straight now, with the dirty riff of “Endless Ride” and the cool harmonica laden “Hang Tight”. Next up is a fine cover of mighty Steve Earle’s “CCKMP” (Cocaine Cannot Kill My Pain) from his 1996 album “I Feel Alright”, given the dirtiest of dirty treatments.

“Tired of Pretending That I Give a Shit” rounds this off in fine style. You get what you pay for in Pussy land and a ton more besides.  Is it up there with “Say Something Nasty?”…… yeah, it probably is.

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