Now on this his 12th studio album we see Richard Marx release what I think is a career-defining album. For what makes Limitless a definitive moment in his illustrious career is that Marx has worked with several different producers here and while you do notice the differences, the songs are so good and do exactly what is asked of them and that is to present Richard Marx as one of the best singer-songwriters who are still current and making music that bring happiness to so many people. The opening song of Another One Down which was initially release back in June 2019 and co-written with his son Lucas, who incidentally also produced it as well makes this album a bit of a family affair when you find out that Richard’s wife also co-wrote Let Go as well The next song is the title track Limitless which is a like a ray of sunshine and together with its modern production tweaks gives a new take on the classic Richard Marx sound that he is known for.

The aforementioned song that Marx co-wrote with his wife is the fantastic ‘Let Go’, after this, I hope we will see more writing credits for Daisy Fuentes. It is something of a mid-tempo song that gives the listener hope of what is to come.

However for me, one of the brightest highlights on the album is ‘All Along’ which is the other song co-written by Lucas Marx. Kicking things into gear with a drumbeat straight out of the eighties. The song is the most reminiscent of his early rock releases. The classic songwriting has been brought right up to date with the fantastic production courtesy of Lucas Marx. The sound reminds me of the recent synthwave revolution. but still retaining its own identity as a Richard Marx song.

‘Up All Night’ is up next and another is more reminiscent of his more recent releases, so, therefore, another great singalong which no doubt will sound amazing live as will any of the songs on this album.

At the halfway mark we get the Matt Scannell to co-write in the shape of ‘Front Row Seat’. Which would easily sit on any of the Richard Marx/Matt Scannell releases. The pairing of Vertical Horizon’s Scannell and Marc was a match made in heaven and continues to deliver the goods.

This leads us nicely to another highlight in the form of the ‘Strong Enough’ which is a duet with Jana Kramer. This song feels like the sequel to Lady Antebellum’s booty call anthem Need You Now. Now having only know Jana from her stint in One Tree Hill – I have now found another voice to look into as she and Marx sound amazing together and I will no doubt check her 2 solo albums out soon.

‘Not In Love’ is another in a long line of Richard Marx’s heartwrenching piano-led ballads that he delivers time and time again – which seems effortlessly. However this time I feel so bad for the person who this song is directed to, This song is co-written by Marx and Sara Bareilles and is another piece of melancholy that sounds like roses when sung by Marx. Last Thing I Wanted was first released back in 2016 and is included here and it feels like it was always meant for this album and fits in perfectly. The song which feels like it was written about his meeting with future wife Daisy Fuentes. I love the autobiographical feel of this song and I am glad it is included here.

This album will no doubt win Marx new fans but will also keep his old and current fan base happy that he is still releasing great new music. Now I for one can not wait for his dates at the Union Chapel, London which will feature a few of these soon to be classic Richard Marx songs.

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Author: Dave Tetley Prince