With a brand new album released last Friday 2020 is shaping up nicely for Christmas.  Max Motherfucker is the vocalist and raging ball of energy leading the charge for world domination and all-round top bloke. We decided to catch up with him and have a chat about the new record and what’s up in the Christmas camp.  Here Goes…
Hi Max, Nice to catch up with you again.  You guys have kept yourselves busy over the past year? ‘Hot Nights In Saint Vandal’ has been released a live album has been released you’ve toured and toured and toured to be fair since you first released the ‘Satanic Rock’ you’ve had a steady output. Was there ever a plan?

Well, the plan was to start a Glamrock band. So actually we failed from the beginning on.
We wrote songs that we really loved and banned them on records. After the release of Appetite For Self-destruction I always wanted to do a live album. At the Punk For Help Festival, there was the right time and the right place to do this!
I hope you don’t mind me saying that the best record you’ve put out is this new album from the sound of it to the playing and the songwriting.  Do you agree?  Would that be a fair assessment?

I always thought that Appetite For Self-destruction would be the best record I could release. It’s simply perfect of me, a split between the brutality of Poison Idea and the groove of Turbonegro. Hot Nights In Saint Vandel does cover even more tastes of the music I love. We added a Hardrock song (Candy Me), a groovy rock n roll tribute to Bowie (Hey Mate) and a Hardcore Punk song a la Minor Threat (Waterloo).
The band never was tighter and better and everything was just perfect to record this album!
Where did the title come from? ‘Hot Nights In Saint Vandal’?

We live around a small city called St Wendel. Most bands would say they are from Saarbrücken, a major city 30km in the south. But to be honest, the best parties happen in places that are not used to have a party there, right? Even if we name it Saint Vandel, you can feel free to sing about your village with us, see it as a spaceholder.

You’ve got this one coming out on TNS out of the UK.  How did this union come about? They have released some great bands in the past like Pizzatramp, Wonk Unit to name a couple of our favourites
Back in 2013, when we played Manchester the first time, Andy already saw us live there. Two years ago, when his band, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man split up, we played some shows together. He always followed us and how the band was doing and we asked them if they want to release the LP in the UK. They loved to do it and now we got it already in our hands! TNS Records really stands for good quality and way to unknown bands.
We also played a few times with Pizza Tramp (we had a really HOT NIGHT in Angouleme, France) and Wonk Unit. For a short time, I also was the booking agent of Wonk Unit on the mainland. Brilliant guys!
What did Michel Wern bring to the recording of the last album?

Michels brother started Christmas with me. Michel is a friend of mine since he came to the skatepark as a little kid. I gave him and his brother CDs of bands like Turbonegro or the Bones when they have been really young. So he knows where I wanna go and where I come from. In the songwriting, he was not involved, but he added salt and pepper and served a fine album!

Was there anything done differently on the recording of ‘Hot Nights’ album compared to earlier releases?

Scum As You Are was produced and recorded by our old drummer himself in his basement. The result was a really good DIY album. Michel works at Tonstudio45, one of the best studios for rock music in general in Germany, so he also had better equipment and a better location for the recording. Also, it is the very first time we mastered an album. I never expected such a big difference after a master, but Andi “Dog” Young, who worked for bands like Spermbirds, Beatsteaks, Pascow, etc so far, did a brilliant job!
Do you have time to dwell on the record once it’s finished or is it straight out the door and onto the tour van.  Its been a few months now since it was recorded do you listen to it with fresh ears now and are you super happy with the finished product?

Haha, it is nearly a year since it was recorded. It was really hard to keep the songs in the rehearsal room that long. Since we actually never really leave the tour bus it was recorded between some weekenders.
And we are extremely happy with the finished product. I would do nothing differently now! From the sound to the artwork, everything is the way it is perfect for Christmas!
I said it was your best yet and as far as the genre goes you guys are a formidable force. Is it fair to say that on this record there is a lot going on so to speak.  The rhythm section of Christmas really stepped up here and Claydymirco plays a blinder driving the songs on from his drum stool.  a powerhouse of drumming to be fair.

Like already said, the band never sounded better! I am really happy not just to have good musicians with me, they are also really good friends!
Once the record is out what are the plans?  can we see any UK dates?  What about the united states is there much chance of reaching out across the ocean with this release? What about a bunch of shows with label mates Pizzatramp?

We already started the release tour two weeks before the record release! In Ireland, we have two shows confirmed and then there will be Manchester Punk Fest. Then we need to see what happens over there, really would love to do a tour in the UK again! With Pizza Tramp would be fun. When we played Angouleme all alcohol was emptied backstage of them and us after the first band. There have been five bands. And like five paying guests. We did not care and celebrated each others show. My leg was full of blood the next day, still no idea what happened!
Actually Christmas plays wherever people want us. Book us a flight and we will be there! No matter if it is Europe of the rest of the world! One day we might get you all. Maybe.

Is there a particular favourite out of the new songs you have been playing live? ‘Go Hard’ sounds exhausting on record, it’s going to get messy live.  How do you get through a tour unscathed? When can we see you on the bill at the Rebellion Festival with Christmas?

Go Hard or Go Home is always great live. We did that one already on the live album already. Another favourite live is Turn Me Lewd. A perfect opener that goes straight into the face!
The most important thing on tour is not to annoy each other. We sit in a small van for hours a day. The trick is to leave everyone his time if needed.
But actually we played Rebellion twice, once Blackpool, once Amsterdam. They don’t want us back for any reason, but that is fine. There is plenty of good places we can play.
You’ve done some really cool splits with the likes of Turbo AC’s and Bloodlights and out good friends Trigger Mc Poopshute any plans for the next one?

Thank you! There is one split in the last process of making before it goes to the pressing plant and for another one we just recorded the guitars. You see, we ain’t standing still!

When you go into the studio how complete is the writing?  are all the songs in place and ready to record or is it less rigid? how do Christmas go about writing the songs?

Actually they are 95% finished I’d say. We don’t have the money to write songs in the studio. Sometimes I have a title that sounds good for a track, then I wrote lyrics and the other ones do some music around that, sometimes I have an artwork idea first and sometimes it starts with a cool riff. There is no way we work by default!
Who else in the scene is lighting it up at the moment?  The Trigger boys had nothing but huge respect and compliments for you guys after your tour together who would you like to go on tour with ideally?  Anyone we should know about from your travels who are out there at the moment tearing it up like Christmas?

Trigger McPoopshute are our kinda British, vulgar, daddys of Rock’n’Roll. Really good and honest people!!
There is plenty of good bands around. From Sweden Scumbag Millionaire are worth checking out if you not yet did. Other good bands are Bronco from Switzerland or Disidente from Mexico.
A perfect way to find new underground bands is to check the A Fistful More Of Rock’n’Roll compilation series by Sal from Electric Frankenstein. There are plenty of jewels on it!

Good luck with the new album its an absolute gem and one you guys should be really proud of.  Hopefully, catch you soon when you hit the UK even with Brexit I’m sure Christmas will overcome anything if you put your mind to it.

Thank you, we WILL find a way to come back!