Wielding buzz saw guitars, power-punk riffs, and fuzzed-out garage vocals OUTTACONTROLLER comes crashing out of the gates of North End Halifax with frantic, gritty pop songs about girls, gumption, and graveyards.
As soon as the first sonic blast hits the airwaves you know you’re in safe power pop punk rock hands as the familiar Ramones influence of lush melodies infuse with that caustic Buzzcocks raw guitar and skin-tight percussion.  Hell as the record unfolds its like the layers of an onion as the influences get peeled away.  The Boys, Ramones, Buzzcocks, as well as a whole host of chart lovelies from the 70s and 80s fill the airwaves.  To be fair who wouldn’t be influenced by some top turns in the new wave punk rock scene ranging from Husker Du and the American alt scene or college radio days but always in the back of the engine room looms The Ramones.
Songs like ‘Operator’ ease more into the laid back new wave category whilst I love the straight down the line rock and roll of ‘Nothing Comes From Nothing’ with its happy go lucky chord changes and gang vocals it gotta make you feel good and it bloody well does.
The songs never outstay their welcome and they run through their set with consummate ease like their having the best of times and why wouldn’t they?  ‘You For You’ rattles along as tight as hell with the treble up on the bass as it thumps out the rhythm towards the chorus. Great stuff.  That buzz saw tempo is maintained for the next few tunes as we rattle along to the finale.
Maybe if they used some keyboards you’d be hailing their Attractions influences but these guys don’t meddle too much with the formula and as we enter the home straight we double down on the Brudas gang vocals and melodies and wrap up a most enjoyable record.  Nothing groundbreaking but like I say enjoyable none the less.  They pay their respects to their forefathers and get lost in some great pop hooks along the way it certainly is a ‘Sure Thing’ that this was going to light up my day and have me singing along before I could even press loop on the old player.
Power pop no matter how many bands play it as long as they do it well it always sounds great.
Author: Dom Daley