So The Chats have the cops to thank for the title of their debut album, ‘High Risk Behaviour’ and to be fair it sounds like their flying by the seat of their pants at times – making it up as they go along and getting away with the biggest heist in punk rock history with a bunch of songs hanging on by a thread through more luck than judgement.

It was the youtube smash of ‘Smoko’ that brought these three oddballs to the wider worlds notice with a DIY sound of three yobs goofing off and managing to brush off a little bit of magic at the same time.  If you think their the Aussie Barron nights for the new punk rock generation or the real deal it matters not there is no denying they have the tunes and once they crawl in your head good luck shaking them out.  Like Amyl and her sniffers before them, these cats are the new big cheeses of Oz punk so get used to it and move over Cosmic Psychos and shuffle up Grindhouse because The Chats are taking over.

‘Stinker’ is very much like Pete Shelly had too much sun down on Bondi Beach and ran into the Saints who happened to rope him into penning a few tunes.  Its sharp and boundless energy and the lyrics were deffo penned at the back of the class on the inside of a pack of rizlas.  Hold on to your board shorts kids because ‘Drunk And Disorderly’ is full of Four X on a wife beater bender.  Get it down you and the next round is on you.

Don’t worry if your attention span is short because the songs are as well shorter than Paul Daniels and Ronnie Corbett put together and twice as entertaining. Less than half an hour of wonderful sharp – on the money punk rock n roll.  It’s not rocket science nor is it clever.  The lyrics tell tales of pubs, Wanking, legging it from restaurants, Their mates, boredom and everything you’d expect from three bums or so they’d have you believe but I recon behind it all is three focussed lads who know exactly what they’ve happened upon.  It’s a good fucking time, No, It’s the best of times.  Noisy, funny, energetic, comfortable, uncomplicated punk rock and roll and I fuckin’ love it.  Oh, and if Iggy pop is on board then that’s good enough for me.  Pick this up and fight the Virus with punk rock play it loud and open the windows everyone can enjoy it then even if they don’t want to.

Now ‘Pub Feed’ makes me hungry and crave a party seven and the riff on ‘Ross River’ is sharp as fuck, its a simple process but why do hardly any bands make albums this simple sound this good? Maybe its not so easy otherwise there would be hundred doing it but there isn’t.  So on that basis all hail Eamon, Matt and Josh you fuckin’ beauts.  How can you not fall in love with this?  Just get it and play it and throw yourself around when its on. Don’t be a miserable cunt (to be fair that’s impossible when it’s playing) buy it and fall in love with punk rock n roll again, simple really,  Everyones happy now’days and when they gang up on the mic for the final track you know its sung/shouted with a wink of the eye because they’re spot on it is better than you.


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