I always love happening across a band who just gets it.  The Night Screams are one of those bands.  ‘In Motion’ is a right banger full of snotty punk rock played with conviction and passion they sound like they live it like they love it and right from the off just crush it.


Hailing from Brooklyn The Night Screams strip it back and from those thunders licks that fire the first volley on opener ‘Love Is A Sham’ it says everything you need to know in the first sub two minutes.  With song titles like ‘Rip It Up’ I guess you don’t need to be a member of MENSA to work out what’s going down. Crash – Bang – Wallop and Screeeeam.  Ave it!

‘A Song’ is my pick of the pops.  It’s a bit more contemporary and who doesn’t love a bit of floor tom thumping? Perhaps a bit more restrained than the previous and is that a Xylophone I hear plonking in the background?  Not as immediate as my Jersey favs Crazy And The Brain who always represents with killer Xylophone tonking but this is a welcome addition none the less.  Punk as fuck is one of them innit?  ‘Morning Sun’ is a totally different beast with a more menacing tempo and howling guitar chime carrying the lead over the purposeful groove – good stuff.  To wind it up they finish with the punchy ‘Ain’t Dead Yet’ showing they are much more than just some snotty punks.  A great introduction to the band and punk certainly Aint Dead Yet with bands as good as this cropping up above the lockdown parapet and long may it continue. Interesting to see what they come up with next.




Author: Dom Daley