the Woodstock, NY-based punk band’s sophomore studio LP, out May 8th via Alive Naturalsound Records frontwoman Sam Quartin

The Bobby Lees‘ new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on Alive Naturalsound Records on May 8th.
The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. In the past year they’ve played with The Chats, Future Islands, Boss Hog, Daddy Long Legs, Shannon & The Clams and Murphy’s Law. They will be on tour in the US and Europe throughout 2020. Their sound mixes classic garage-punk hits with raw and emotive storytelling.
Audiotox UK states “Their raw and unapologetic energy promises to make you feel alive.” Listen to them and see for yourself.
Is there a genre called Dirty Blues Punk?  Well there should be and the top dogs are The Bobby Lees It’s a given that Jon Spenser would produce this but I can’t believe royal Trux aren’t guesting somewhere they bloody well missed a trick there ‘Guttermilk’ is a mindfuck and made for a special guest slot playing some fuzzed up geetar or joining in on those fucked backing shrieks.  Genius!
the kinetic energy they’ve worked up is electrifying and driving on the music as ‘Riddle Daddy’ testifies  Its like PJ Harvey on speed and/or really fucked up and fucked off.
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