The man behind the songs and sounds of Space Age Playboys, Queer For Girls, Tattooed Millionaires and Speed City Vipers returns with his latest offering…A solo album ‘Make Your Move’.  So its been a while since we heard what Johnny Jetson was up to and being a fan of his previous bands, of course, I was interested in hearing what’s going on at the Jetsons these days and low and behold the years have been kind to Jetson and whilst he hasn’t overstretched himself he’s stayed true to what his Rock and Roll heart tells him and this solo album is choc-full of sleazy Rock and Roll.  It’s fair to say there aren’t any sonic surprises and the tunes generally will please fans of any of his previous offerings this time he’s pretty much creator and player with just the drum stool left to Adam Hamilton who incidentally also Mixed the record.

What you get from Jetson in 2020 is ten songs from a true Rock and Rolla he walks the walk and talks the talk and has stayed true to what playing in his heart there are influences ranging from the 70s Bolan (obviously) but Alice Cooper is obviously an inspiration (‘Get High Rock Steady’) is certainly ’90s Coop done really well I might add.

Jetson never sold out and neither has he pandered to what’s on point, in vogue or politically correct.  As long as the earth is spinning and he has strings on his guitar he’s gonna play.  He has some decent melodies going on especially on the title track which has a tonne of spirit and one of the albums finer tunes. I can hear the virtual confetti cannons going off as he heads into the final riff from the solo.  It sounds like Johnny Jetson is in a really good place and has hit a fine vein of writing he manages to keep his chosen calling sound fresh and vibrant and  by keeping it to the ten tracks it never gets old or boring and there are no slushy ballads there ain’t no time we’re too busy having a good time.  Get on it folks and tell Johnny that RPM sent you.  Now strut off you beautiful rock and Roll peacocks and wear your nail polish and guyliner with pride This record rocks!

Author: Dom Daley