One guarantee when hearing new music from Johny Skullknuckels and his Kopek Millionaires is the songs are from the heart and he will keep the music honest and 100% Rock and Roll.  With a title like ‘Love And Loud Guitars,’ you might get an inkling that Johny isn’t straying from his tried and tested and that I like.  If you grow up in a glorious age of music coming at you from all over the world and new styles and sounds ever day and you act like a sponge and absorb those songs and sounds then when the time is right you rince those tunes into some beautiful new tunes.

Call it a mini album or extended EP it matters not what does matter is there are six new tunes of Rock and Roll from the kaleidoscopic mind of Johny since 2016’s “Hopes and Dreams and Goldfish”. In fact, it’s taken that long to get to this point so was the wait worth it?   Of course it was.  ‘Sid Wishes’ is first out the traps and a ramshackled Heartbreakers sweat and snot opener it is too.  All puffed up chest and Townsend windmills.  ‘Tell Me Baby’ doesn’t hold back either like mixing the ’70s glam meets pub rock with the 80s Hanoi punk like tiger feet in a mystery city.  Sing – Dance throw yourself about because you’re worth it.

If I was to pick a favourite ‘Punk Girl From Another World (A Manchester Love Song)’ would be that tune.  Love the melody and the flow and if this were written by McCoy and Monroe people would be gushing over it.  It wasn’t and I’m giving it the props it deserves.  In a just world, this would be a hit no question one of the best songs Skullknuckles has written.

It’s not all blow the doors off party Rock and Roll.  ‘A Picture In My Memory’ is a melancholy piano roll with some sweet guitars setting the tone, the perfect shade to go with the multicoloured Rockers.  To close off this perfectly formed six-track mini album ‘The Thieving Hands’ close the show in fine fashion with a cheeky smile and they wring out a little bit more snotty Glam Rock ‘n’ Roll.  I love where Kopek Millionaires are coming from and I’ll champion this release – starting here. Get on it all you glam rockin’ punk rockers and get punching the air, the party has started and kopek millionaires fire off the confetti canons of Rock and Roll during this lockdown.  Get on it, the true sound of DIY Rock and Roll in all its glory.

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Author: Dom Daley