Disgraceland hooked up together a couple of years ago and play punk n roll.  They clearly have a love of all things Motorhead and all that revolves around that orbit.  This three-piece from the west country are no strangers to slogging it round their scene for many years previous but decided to hook up and make some noise.

This EP opens up with the trio riffing around a Motorhead sound knocking out ‘Leaving Here’ as ‘Storming An H Cup’ sounds half decent and the guitar solo is straight out of the Captain Sensible solo book and there’s nothing wrong with that.

They said they like a spaghetti western and love of rockabilly and that shines through on ‘Hillbilly Heroine’ but I’d steer clear of knocking up a fix of that bad boy it sounds unpleasant but the tune isn’t too shabby to be fair and a lot less harmful to your health.

‘Harvey’ is an out and out rocka but the subject matter is a little dark to say the least.  Nice n tight riffs to be fair.  ‘Hard Of Thinking’ made me chuckle as the characters in the song subject seem to have risen like shit in a bath during the pandemic a fairly straight-ahead number sounding more like something Therapy? would kick out and that guitar tone is savage – nice n jagged wasn’t expecting to break down into some prime time Jaya The Cat at the end but it worked and made me smile.

‘Adult Fuckery’ is a sixth former take on adulthood.  Noisy and full-blooded but wait the final offering is a three and a half minute instrumental! Oh Shit I hear you call out much the same as my reaction however being entitled ‘Clint’ it does venture off down a western route briefly but not something I gravitate towards generally so no secret that it’s not something I’ll be playing again but don’t let one track put you off.


If you like it loud (often) fast and loose then you can do a lot worse than hit up Disgraceland they play Punk rock n roll and play it loud and with a smile.  Get some.



Author: Dom Daley