Who Are Young Francis Hi-Fi?
We are 4 bubblegum punks, playing short, sharp, saccharine songs.  Young Francis plays guitar and sings, Jimi Dymond plays guitar and does backups, Mac Daddy plays bass and Danny Joe Handsome plays drums.
Where did the name come from?
I started out playing as a lo-fi One Man Band. Drums by foot, guitar by hand, ‘less is more’ ethic, real DIY. Last year I was playing a free show on the beach in Brighton. Jimi, Mac Daddy and Danny Joe were hanging out watching and towards the end of the show started banging on bottles and tambourines and a guitar and joined in with me. We played together for about 2 hours as the sun went down, people going crazy, dancing in the sea, having a blast. Everybody needed us to harness that magic in a bottle, so we changed Young Francis from a lo-fi one man band to a full power, full lineup Young Francis Hi Fi.
Where are the band from I know in your biog it says Brighton but how did you end up there?
I was born in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I learned about music from the punks who hung out by the U-Bahn, I’d stop and talk to them, share smokes and listen to their stories, and they would give me tons of tapes of stuff I got into like DDR Punk, Abwärts, Die Goldenen Zitronen or Ton Steine Scherben.
Jimi, Mac and Danny Joe grew up together, somewhere out in the woods. I think they came to Brighton for the same reason I did, to live with good people by the beach and make sunshine punk songs together.
What recordings have you made?
We have a bunch done that we would like to put out. And we are recording more soon, including our gig favourite, “Do You Like Good Music?”.
What are the post-pandemic plans?
I wanna hold you tight (every night), once it’s safe.

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Band pic – Sara-Louise Bowrey