Alright kids lets turn it up and grab your favourite tennis racket lets go. make sure you’ve got the full length mirror at the ready and you’ve greased back your hair and set the time machine for the late ’70s when NYC was churning out sleazy rock and roll by the dozen and the Heartbreakers ruled the roost.  Well I guess The Idolizers remember that time and remember how the high energy Rock and Roll made them feel which is why straight from the off the go for the throat with ‘Stranded’

“New York City’s The Idolizers are drenched in that period of punk rock and Roll and this four-song debut EP pulls from garage and glam to that early punk and rock. Man if the opener didn’t grab you then ‘Golden Days’ will blow you away.  Frantic riffs you can imagine a packed club where the beer is flowing and the kids are jumping then this sparks up it could be dangerous. Great solo that lives out every cliche and why the hell not? 

sure ‘Exile On Pain Street’ is a pun on the Stones classic but that’s where the similarity ends because this is all hopped up looking for a party to crash there’s nothing laid back and chilled about this bad boy.  Love the sloppy woo hoos! and that barroom boogie joanna is always quality.

Saving the best till last in the shape of the smouldering ‘She’s A Killer’ with its cowbell and floor tom thump adds some muscle to proceedings in a bruising affair.  It never quite spills over but manages to keep things respectable and wraps up a really impressive EP. C’mon, guys, let’s have the album because if this is an indication of what’s to come then bring it on, Baby! Pick It Up Here


Author: Dom Daley