Who are Thee HeadShrinkers?
We’re a 3 piece garage band playing garage punk with a bit of proto-punk thrown in

Where are the band from?
South Coast, UK (Hastings area)

How did the band get together?
Me and Gino were looking to play in a similar style, and didn’t want to play covers .. We found Stiv along the way

What’s With The Name?
We had a song called Headshrinker, and we thought it sounded OK as a band name. The ‘thee’ was just to differentiate between any other band with a similar name, and it was a nod to the Medway scene bands

What are your recordings to date?
We’ve done some in an analogue only studio, and some just in a our practice room/garage. We’re gagging to do some more in a studio but need to save some money up

What are your post-pandemic plans?
Hopefully, get gigs and play to lots of sweaty people

Who are your influences?
60s garage bands, proto-punk bands like the Stooges, Velvet Underground, MC5, as well as the Pistols,  the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Meteors, 80s Matchbox b line disaster

Where can people get hold of your music?
We upload our tunes onto Bandcamp.. Free download. As well as vinyl sold from there