Hailing from London New Device are a band that embody the grit, attitude and good times of hard rock. Likened and influenced by rock giants such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica and Alter Bridge, their stadium sound never fails to leave audiences in awe! Without pausing for breath, they have grown as musicians and songwriters. Accompanied by an attitude that draws their growing, loyal fan base ever closer.

2020 has not been easy for anyone in the entertainment industry but New Device at the start were thriving. Lead vocalist Daniel Leigh decided one evening in March to do a live stream on the bands Facebook page, these streams quickly became a main staple and to date he has reached 1.5 million with their music.  All was going very well for the band; With the release of latest EP “KARÖSHI”, the band are as strong and creative as ever! This highly anticipated recording is the fourth instalment in a connected series of releases over the past 4 years. The video for lead single ‘Wake Up’ reached 250k within 3 days of its release and plans for a full band live stream were underway.

Unfortunately not long after this the bands Facebook page – with 34k likes and 21k followers – was hacked , one of the members had their personal and professional profiles deleted from social media and it transpired that some unscrupulous hackers had managed to get into the account and monetize it without their knowledge.

This sadly meant that New Device were – and still are – unable to communicate with the majority of their fanbase.

These streams have been a source of comfort and peer to peer support for the dedicated fans of New Device who tuned in nightly for an uplifting hour of music and positive reinforcement from Daniel. The fans and the band were devastated that these may not be able to continue due to the inability to live stream on the New Device page.

With no quick resolution in sight and further ongoing problems due to the hacking means 4 months down the line the page is still not usable. Investigation from Facebook is still ongoing.

With the help of the dedicated fan base and Daniels management team the streams were quickly moved over to his music page – albeit with a large reduction of followers and a completely different demographic.

The constant support of the fans and the positivity and happiness that these streams have given spurred them to be instrumental in regaining some of the reach that the New Device page had.  This core fan base has dedicated their time to sharing the streams, telling their friends, and promoting the band at every opportunity they can.  Meaning the band are now able to thrive again.

They have been desperate to see the band perform together again and now they are in a position to be able to do just that in a full band live streamed performance this Saturday 19th October. Streamed Live via a private link for ticket holders this show promises to be unforgettable. Filmed in full HD with multiple camera angles it will be giving the viewer a full live experience.

During the 2 hour live show New Device will be performing tracks from all their releases including ‘Karoshi’ as well as showcasing some never before heard tracks from their upcoming album, as well as interviews and a Q&A.

The band are excited to be back together performing this very special show for their fans.

Tickets for this one-off show are available – Here