So who are Silverjet? Silverjet are Dave, Pais, and Alex, a three-piece rock band from Sheffield.
Where did you get the name Silverjet? I believe the band was named after a guitar Dave liked, but it was named that before I joined. Mostly, I think it’s just something that sounds nice.
How about a brief history of the band and how you got to 2020? We formed about 15 years ago and have been through quite a few changes in line up and sound. The original recordings were very bluesy and raw, but we’ve gradually added more metal and modern rock elements to make more anthemic songs. We’ve put out three albums (the most recent being 2012’s ‘Push Kick Bravado’) and a handful of EPs/singles.
What about recent recordings?  ‘Everybody Used to Love You’ is the first from our recent batch of recordings we started when Alex joined us. We weren’t necessarily planning on making new music, but we were offered a bit of a reunion gig and Alex joined us. We enjoyed playing with him so much that we had to make some more music together.
As a band I guess you all share a love of Rock and Roll who are the bands you jointly love?  We’re into Backyard Babies, Black Crowes, Wildhearts, basically anything with big riffs and catchy choruses.
What About post-pandemic action?  What plans have you made?  We were planning on gigging a lot this year but that’s obviously been scraped, so instead, we’ve worked on some of the recordings that luckily we had mostly tracked before the pandemic, as we can do that remotely. Dave also recorded a solo acoustic album which is very cool, I highly recommend checking it out.  We’re going to jump in the van and get to as many venues as will let us play. We had a really fun year planned this year, which luckily has mostly been rearranged for next year.
Check out Silverjet Here