It seems to be the common thread in Rock and Roll these days. Either a retrospective is being released or an artist is claiming they had no intention of making a record but circumstances dictated they do so seeing as touring is a no go and all they have is time to think and create.  It’s like a silver lining I guess considering the turmoil the world is currently so TV Smith sees himself penning a new album and here we are with ‘Lockdown Holiday’.


Conceived, written, and recorded in lockdown Britain over the Spring and Summer of 2020, “Lockdown Holiday” is TV Smith’s sixteenth album of new songs and marks a career highlight after more than forty years of making music so nobody could accuse TV of taking it easy and having a pandemic break and hibernating until its safe to re-enter venues.  When we do He’ll have a whole raft of new material in his armoury.  Tim said that when he finished recording ‘The Lucky Ones’ he went straight into the next one and so on such was his energy and drive to get this done.

From his sickbed, Tim watched with utter disbelief as the mismanagement of the situation got worse and worse, and when he started to feel well enough he began the process of what I have here in my hands.

Big chords and heartfelt storytelling. You weren’t expecting a techno album, were you? Intense times breed intense subject matter and some of Smith’s most personal lyrics yet began to pour out of his punished body and some of his finest I might add.

He takes on the Virus and the second wave and extolled his experience on what you need to do to survive this virus. Don’t think Brexit or the US elections get away with it and aren’t too far from Smiths’ thoughts and entwined in all of that would be ‘Fake News’ and with a beaten vocal Smith delivers a really fine lyric.

It’s a collection of songs that can be enjoyed as one sitting, like you’re there with him as he lays down the songs and his feelings unfold and wash over you.  There is the usual uplifting feeling of TV Smith and his acoustic guitar.  These strange times call for drastic measures and artists to take a chance and do whatever it is they have to do to move on.  TV Smith writes songs,  TV Smith plays those songs with passion and a sense of DIY and get off one’s backside and keep going.  Lockdown Holiday is everything you’d expect it to be it’s not Techno nor is it ballads.  It’s the sound of one man and one guitar delivering the goods. Sit back relax and enjoy, I Did.

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Author: Dom Daley