We are living in strange times and with the pandemic still in full effect and live band action sorely missing when The Distillers announced that they were doing an online Halloween special acoustic gig with a question and answer section boom this reviewer was in.

So come 7 pm UK time the online gig started with The Distillers classic “Drain The Blood” and wow what an incredible powerful version this is with Brody on acoustic and throat-ripping vocals, Tony Bevilacqua on electric guitar and Ryan Sinn on bass this was a stunning start.

Up next we had “Coral Fang” and what’s great about this almost acoustic setting is that we are treated to a slightly more slowed-down version than the original but the song doesn’t lose its power and is still gorgeous.

What Halloween special would it be without a “Misfits cover” and what we get is a stunning version of “She” which suits Brody’s passionate vocal delivery.

The band wastes no time into going full tilt into “Dismantle Me” and this is another awesome performance.

We were promised a new song and we were not disappointed “Sunsets” sees Brody performing this beautiful track on her own just her voice and guitar and it is a remarkable song and I was already excited for new material but having heard “Sunsets” this reviewer can’t wait for the new album.

The live acoustic performance comes to an end and we are treated to a question and answer section with the band which is great viewing and sees Brody and the gang answering all kinds of fan-requested questions. What is special about this segment is that a fan asked would the band be releasing an acoustic and b-sides album to which Brody replied it’s supposed to be a secret but there will be a B-side and a compilation of classic Distillers tunes done differently released in the future which was a great thing to hear.

All in all this online gig was great fun with a passionate compelling performance by Brody, Tony, and Ryan.


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Author:  Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper