Nev Brooks.

Now you might or might not know the Soapgirls, if you do know them then the first thing you will get as you read this is probably going to be an R-Rated image. I’d even go so far as to say you would probably have missed this baby coming out!! Personally, my last experience of the Soapgirls was at this year’s Camden Rocks Festival, actually on the street outside Dingwalls when I was deep in conversation with Paul Ronney Angel from the Urban Voodoo Machine, needless to say, they caught my eye.

But let’s not focus on the image, for once let’s focus on the music and do you know what this LP knocks it out of the park. If I was to use a press term and quoted “Riot Girl’s” what would it mean to you as a reader? The music is unashamedly Punked up, Scuzzed up Rock and Roll, drawing on bands like Hole, LZ and even throwing in a hint of the Runaways pop sensibilities.

This is grounded in Punk, full of attitude and vocally sits somewhere between Louise Distras and Hands off Gretel’s frontwoman Lauren Tate. As I’m listening you pick up obvious grunge influences to sit alongside the punk leanings and the pop sensibilities giving a great well-rounded package (ahem Freudian slip).

Opener “Society’s Rejects” nails you to the wall and you don’t take a breath until 5th track in “Air”. “Step Outside” draws down the spirit of the Pistols all edge and attitude, but with just the right amount of sneer. Next up “Original Sin” no not a Wild Family cover but a real in your face raw as fuck punk rock stampede, that stuttering bass intro giving way to distorted feed-backing guitar, then the riff starts up and you’re hooked in.

By this point you begin to realize how catchy the music is, you’ve stopped bouncing around and began to focus, you start to listen and the head begins to nod, then things explode and your into “Drag you down” tentatively my fave on the LP alongside the intensity of the juggernaut that is “Break you”. Fifteen tracks, not a dud in sight. Prepare to be dominated you can catch the soap girls live on their:-

Stink Like Punk UK Tour dates 


25 th Fest Camden, Camden London with The Fascinators, Scarlet

& Mongrel Dogs

26 th The Fenton Leeds   with Hospital Food & Guttersluts


3 rd The Dragonffli Pontypool,  with Tarion

7 th Arches Venue Coventry with Sick of the Riot

8 th The Palladium Club, Bideford

13 th The Monarch, Camden  angerland, Youth Illusion, Muffin Heads

17 th The Trades, Rotherham

You can pick up the LP Here