UK Rock n Rollers Paradise alley launch a campaign for their Debut albums 25th Anniversary and want you to join them for the ride.  Singer Steve Vincent contacted RPM after we said we wanted to hear about what was happening and true to his word he stopped watching Dr. Who long enough to press send which leads us to here.  Watch the video and press the campaign button to sign up and let’s help the band reach their goal then we can all party like its 1993! Holy Shit! Really. 25 years?


The band was formed by lead vocalist Steve Vincent in early Summer 1992 when he met drummer Richie Hale. Vincent already had the band name, they just needed to find some more like-minded souls to carry on in the tradition of Hanoi Rocks, Dogs D’amour and the New York Dolls. Throughout ’92 various prospective members came and went, sadly with them went Richie who relocated for a while to L.A.

As ’93 started a line-up solidified round Vincent and guitarist Johnny Idle and demos were recorded and gigging started in earnest. By Sept ’93 with a line-up consisting of Vincent, Idle on guitar, Damian “Spider” Cullen on Drums and Richie Emborg on bass, the band returned to the studio to record what would become Psychotic Playground. By its release at Christmas, Emborg was gone, replaced by Kari and the touring started again. The band managed seven crazy months of touring and partying before imploding at a headline show at the Marquee on Charing X Road. 

The end of the story? Of course not, a new line-up, more touring (including when Steve brought his friends The 69 Eyes over for their first ever UK Tour), another album, fall outs, making ups, too much drink and drugs, not enough drink and drugs, American tours, CBGBs, The Whiskey, signing autographs as Aerosmith, splitting up again, changing the band name, giving up…the band have done it all. 

With the sad passing of Richie Hale at the end of 2011, the band slowly came round to the idea of reforming, finally hitting the stage again in 2013. But despite the support of the fans and the likes of Vive Le Rock magazine, everything seemed to grind to a halt two years later. A few chance conversations late last year saw Steve and Taj decide to jump-start Paradise Alley with a new line up and quickly recruited Ben Alexander on bass. The search continues for the two remaining members with the core of the band busy writing songs for a new album planned for 2019. Given that it’s 25 years since that first album came out and with so many people keeping asking about copies, the band decided that the best way to celebrate was to do a limited edition release, which brings us to here and now!

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