Originally this was one of the best albums of 2017? Luckily for you, here’s another opportunity to get hold of Slimy Members ‘Ugly Songs’ album. From Dallas, Slimy Member is back in print thanks to Drunken Sailor. That first pressing vanished pretty quickly, and now here it is, just in time for Xmas (well pre-orders are in and it’ll officially be released early Jan). So, save those crispy notes of your gran and favourite Auntie and have yerself a happy holiday.

It’s a little bit Goth Its a lot of Punk it’s like TSOL (Early) and the Misfits got high and started a fight with Bauhaus on speed no make that warp speed and once you dried it all out you got Slimy Members and one hell of an adrenalin rush slab of molten punk rock.  It’s dripping with delays and a thunderous chorus heavy Bass but hey why the fuck not?

Songs like ‘Harsh Reality’ are epic in all the right places. The guitars buzz whilst the rhythm thunder along.  This is a close cousin of those early TSOL records and thank fuck labels like Drunken Sailor are giving us a second chance of owning such a top turn. The thump of the Bass on ‘Oceanic Feeling’ is fantastic.


‘All Too Real’ takes a while to build into a pulsating beast of a song.  Dark as fuck it sounds like they’ve harnessed some evil power and have got the power of the Four Horsemen riding out of Hell as the rhythm section but it all ends too quickly but it just mesmerises you into the next brutal pounding track ‘Revelations’ starts knocking your skull.


The songs are short as fuck and hold the attention of the dumbest punk rocker looking for an audio fix.  ‘No God’ rears its head kicks you in the spine the fucks off as quickly as it arrived – in a flurry of drums and manic riff-a-rama. I guess at the end of the day you’ll be glad its only eleven songs of brutal punk rock because you need a rest before you dive back in for some more.  Its like being punched around the head by Mike Tyson and the ringing you’d feel in your noggin’ afterwards before you get a semblance of clarity and realise that the harmony in your head is real and its those pesky Slimy Members playing punk rock n roll with a ghoulish edge and not your heart giving out.


‘Ugly Songs For Ugly People’ and some beautiful handsome ones as well,  Songs that is not people!  Buy It! but keep a cup of holy water by the turntable you might need it.

Here buyeth the record if you dare.

Author: Dom Daley