2020 has been a bit of a musical shit stain. It began well and thanks to Nottingham’s Scene Killers it’ll at least end in style.


Scene Killers are kind of a punk rock supergroup made up of Jesse Luscious from Blatz, Hip Priests guitar hero Austin Rocket along with TV Crime’s rhythm section John G Warrior and Luke J Moss.


Their debut EP, ‘Rev it Up’ is a six song fifteen minute manic joy ride lovingly brought to you by those very nice people at No Front Teeth Records.


Join me on a magical journey of discovery as we step into this lovely slab of toxic snot splatter vinyl


On first play, I’m hearing bits of Circle jerks, Germs, OFF!, Poison Idea, and moreover a Wednesday 13 fronted Misfits. On the second, third, and fourth play I’m liking it more and more…..


Opener ‘Rev it Up’ is full-on face shredding stuff with some off-kilter guitar harmonics and even some Scott Ian like backing vocals at the end.


The second tune ‘Not So Working Class’ is no let up, full bore fist in the air stuff.


‘Divided”s crushing bass intro gives way to a more mid-pace menacing tune. A moment to catch your breath but no less as skull pounding as the other tunes on offer.


‘Eyes and Ears’ is a horror fuelled classic- “war peace ignorance strength” it screams in equal measures punk rawk and hardcore.


Next up is Scene Killer’s take on The Replacements ‘Colour Me Impressed’. Can the original really be 37 years old???  A mighty fine take on a mighty fine tune with Jesse’s Wednesday 13 like delivery adding a perfect degree of menace.


‘Death’ somewhat aptly brings the EP to a close and it’s full on Misfits-inspired Horror Punk anthem. It’s probably the most immediate tune on the record and the one that’ll grind it’s way into the memory first.


The cool thing about this record is the way it grows on you more and more with every play. It’s certainly a record that’ll stay with you for a while rather than scratching that itch before it joins it’s 12” friends in the great record pile.


Find your way to their Bandcamp page and give them 15 quid for the prettiest angry slice of vinyl this side of Satan’s tea shop –  Here and then send dick pics to their Facebook page – Here