From first glance, these New York state natives look like the result of a lover’s tryst between the Dead Boys, Turbonegro and Judas Priest. And from the moment album opener ‘1982’ kicks in, the listener is never let down.
Self-proclaimed Sleaze rocks Governess are kicking off 2021 with their second album, ‘Never Coming Home’. Wearing their Scandinavien influences on their sleeveless denim vests. Adding their Denim Demon love to guitar sounds akin to mid era Hellacopters and a general nod to when Backyard Babies still made good records.
The record continues in this vein, showing themselves a tad more Gluecifer than Turbonegro. It certainly gets you where you need to go on a road well travelled with bumps, potholes and cliches. Governess definitely contains enough uniqueness to make the journey worthwhile.
Midway through the record, track ‘Rock Action’ certainly lives up to its name. Choppy rock’n’roll guitars with a bit of a Supersuckers vibe. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the spit and sawdust at your feet. This dive bar wet dream continues into the next track, ‘European Girls’. Including a nice, big shout-along chorus. Lovely stuff.
Governess are a hard livin’, fast talking, outfit that paint a decadent picture of rock’n’roll depravity. Possessing chest thumping guitars and solid rock hooks that really draw you in. They may not be the rock band that everybody wants, but they are certainly the one that everybody needs!
Author: Dan Kasm