A rough and tumble collection of memories, poetry, and fiction from Sonny Vincent.  Now I wasn’t going to turn that down to review was I?  No sir.  Sonny Vincent one of those Rock and Roll rebels whos always operated outside the box be it when Punk was kicking off he was punk rock personified and yet never got the credit others got even if they weren’t worthy of lacing his shoes.  He didn’t complain because he knew the life he was choosing – or what chose him wasn’t your ordinary life but one of a true artist, writer-creator of music that meant something.  Sonny isn’t one for complaining and when life throws him lemons he puts them under his heel and makes lemonade.


He not been creating or releasing much over the past few years due to family business he took care of but there was still plenty of music hitting the streets be it Testors tributes or pre-Testors records. Solo releases and collaborations that are hitting the shops as I type like The Limit but nobody saw this pocket sized little piece of writing Sonny was working on to go hand in hand with his music.  ‘Snake Pit Therapy’ is a neat little tome that fits right in your back pocket.  For when you’re riding the subway train or sitting on the bus its just shy of 100 pages but it’s like a bit of Bukowski – dipping and out and for raising a giggle or a wry smile out of the corner of your mouth because the owner of one of these cool books just knows.


Starting off when Sonny was twelve and stories of skipping school not fitting in all the things you kinda knew that made the man.  You don’t have to concentrate or rush to finish the chapter because there aren’t any and it’s like a conversation with someone you know but don’t know.  Its a cool concept and the writing is engaging and fresh which makes all the difference.  If Sonny was on the same bus as me I’d always sit next to him and listen to his ramblings – you know these ones he’s written in this here book.  The stories are cool like his piece on Rock Action.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a writer gush over drummers before but hey why not?  Music needs em as much as the bass player or the guitar slinger right?  Right.  I’m sure if Scott can read this from wherever he is in the afterlife he’d be chuffed and his soul warmed by the tribute.


Sonny Vincent is one talented guy and his writing is another string to his bow be it musician, songwriter and now author added to his resume.  Trust Vincent to think outside the box again buy it if you can kids it’s a pocket rocket of sunshine writing from one of America’s real genuine talents.

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Author: Dom Daley