Released from the vaults over twenty years since being laid down, this “lost” album from noise-tinged swamp rockers the Knoxville Girls. A supergroup if there ever was one, featuring a disparate bunch of players with backgrounds ranging from the Cramps, Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth and Boss Hog.

The melting pot once cooled produces a hectic but concentrated rockabilly numbers not too dissimilar from Tom Wait’s rockier 90s output. Though sounding a bit coarse at first, this is definitely a recording that improves with repeat listens.
I realise that sometimes material leaning towards a Country sound or a Western edge can raise a red (confederate) flag for many, but with its New York alt-rock leanings, this record owes as much to the Velvets as it does to Sun Records.
The organ sounds here brings a lot of identity to the record and provides great flow linking up the very interesting and but different compositions track by track, much like hip hop beats can hold Beck’s albums in line.
Ranging from dirgey toe-tappers to heart-wrenching ballads, ‘In a Ripped Dress’ will transport you to places you’ve only read about or seen in Road Movies with your own personal score to accompany you. Why this has sat untapped for decades is a mystery (train), so make up for lost time and get yourself a copy!
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