Seeing as this week sees the release of some fantastic albums from some fantastic bands here’s sunshine on a rainy day courtesy of The Flaming Sideburns, who have their long-awaited new album ‘Silver Flames’ released on Svart and reviewed today on RPM Online.  We dig into the archive for ‘Sister Anne’ live featuring Robert Dahlqvist.


With a live album released this week let’s celebrate the work of Duncan Reid & The Big Heads with the video ‘To Live Or Live Not’ which isn’t on the album funnily enough.


Wrapping up this week’s new albums that are contenders for album of the year is The Boatsmen with their album ‘Verses The Boatsmen’ also released this week and reviewed on RPM over the next few days.  Absolute killer record and ‘Blame Me’ isn’t even the best track on the record that’s how good this album is.