Ben Hughes.

London’s trashiest exponents of gutter-level rock ‘n’ roll return with their sophomore long player ‘Last Suicide’, the follow-up to their 2017 debut ‘First Suicide’.  Known for their incendiary and unpredictable live shows, the band has endured a few line-up changes in their short career, but the core songwriting duo of Sebastian Melmoth (vocals) and Vince Suicide (guitar) remain. While their first album line-up was an unusual 3 guitar attack with no bass, they now return to the more traditional format with new bassist Gema German and drummer May Mansur on board for the ride. Does this new 2 boy/2 girl line-up force a change in direction? Are Suicide Generation the new punk rock Abba? Read on to find out the gory details.


Recorded over a 3 day period by producer Patrice Picard, ‘Last Suicide’ is 11 slices of furious punk rock fury, delivered with reckless abandon. Beware, this ain’t no USA pop punk folks, this isn’t even Scandinavian scuzz. Recorded on the finest analog gear they could beg, borrow or steal, this is a lo-fi rebel yell, the primitive noise of a band that can barely keep it together and sounds all the more magnificent for it. With comparisons to Pussy Galore and GG Allin, you can sort of guess where this band is coming from, right?

Opener ‘Hypnotise Me’ is as raw as you like. Kicking in at Ramones speed with guitars set to stun, they take no prisoners. Melmoth spitting bile and venom for just over a minute and a half of chaos and musical deconstruction.

‘Trapped in This Place’ with its “don’t bring me down” refrain and cool surf rock solo is pure Rezillos meets Dead Kennedys goodness. Elsewhere ‘Hole In Her Head’ has a cool as you like riff, it’s a stop/start tune that barely gets going before its trashy demise like they are just practicing a riff or a song idea.

The deranged and menacing ‘You Gonna Burn’ is a highlight. ‘When I Think About You’ is a 50’s rock ‘n’ roll mash up taken down to gutter level and ‘Talk Trash’ rides on an overly familiar 50s rock ‘n’ roll progression with fiery vocalisin’ and an as always energetic delivery. They even veer into goth territory with the Cramps meets Christian Death vibes of ‘You Must Be A Witch’. Now, that I truly dig!


You can just tell from the off that this band does not give one fuck, they will do it on their terms and give the middle finger to all who question their motives. ‘Last Suicide’ is not an album to play to your mum, it doesn’t contain songs fit for a Spotify playlist, you can’t split lines of speed on a playlist anyway, you need a record cover for that, right? Well, don’t worry folks, coz Suicide Generation got all your rock ‘n’ roll needs covered. This is an album to put on at 2 in the morning when you’re off your tits on whatever, with a smile on your face and a bottle in your hand.