When it comes to world class power pop, Italy is leading the way at the moment.  And, with their new album, Radio Days are proving major competition against Giuda and Faz Waltz. While their previous releases are all good, ‘Rave On!’ is their strongest set of tunes. Or, should I say “TUNES!”. With bells on.


‘I Got A Love’ is the perfect opener, infectious from the off. This is how you write a great pop song. I’ve been listening to this album for a few weeks, but I never tire of this song, it’s full of energy and sunshine. ‘Lose Control’ gets the head nodding along, their closest compatriots here  are The (mighty) Speedways.


‘Walk Alone’ is a slower scarf-waver of a tune, with pleasingly Ringo style drums. When people talk about “honing your craft”, this is what they mean. It’s a beautiful song. ‘Running Around’ is like your favourite obscure 70s classic; you’ve heard it done before, but rarely done so well. And ‘Til The End Of The Night’ is…I’m running out of superlatives. Gorgeous, that’s accurate. Macca would be proud.


‘What Is Life?’ is exactly what this upcoming summer ordered. Bright, optimistic and joyful. The perfect accompaniment to a little more freedom to see our friends again. ‘Meltdown’ is a slight left-turn, catchy like a long lost theme tune. ‘No One To Blame’ riffs it up like Eureka Machines on a sugar high, ‘When I’m With You’ reminds me of a cross between Slade and Badfinger; they know their stuff. ‘Between The Lines’ is a relaxed, classy way to end an album.


Seriously, there are some great bands out there doing this style of music at the moment, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone will release a better power pop album this year. Their peers had better watch out; Radio Days are the finished article now.


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Author: Martin Chamarette


LP version on Screaming Apple Records www.screaming-apple-records.de
European CD version on Ammonia / Rock Indiana www.ammoniarecords.it / www.rockindiana.com
Japanese CD version on Wizzard In Vinyl www.wizzard-in-vinyl.net
North American CD version on Sounds Rad www.soundsradical.com

Down of the stage Radio Days proudly wear
Straight To Hell Clothing www.straighttohell.it