Formed in 2013 by guitarist Jesper Lindgren and describe themselves as a three-piece gang of rockers that reinvented glam rock by mixing the pop harmonies of the ’70s with the heavy sound of today. There have been changes in personnel and switches in record companies along the way but the band’s fortunes received a significant boost when they signed to a deal with Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution earlier this year but to deliver an album so dripping in retro goodness and smeared with sequins and guyliner you can almost smell the stage soaked sweat that’s infused in each and every groove.  A band slavishly dedicated to the lifestyle that to suggest they walk the walk would be an understatement and quite frankly offensive to their platform booties.

Sulo Karlsson of the Diamond Dogs produced and wrote the tracks together with the band and with a stroke of genius he infused their probably already awesome tunes that little bit of big brotherly know-how and class that he’s helped create a beast of a record and also drafting in some Hellacopters and Backyard Babies for good measure shows that these cats aren’t just pretty faces they know what it takes to rock and roll as well.

It feels inspiring and exciting to have signed a deal with Wild Kingdom. After working our asses off for years jumping around on different record companies it feels like we finally found our home. Wild Kingdom got the distinct rock ’n’ roll vein that we all love. Together we have made this glammy high-energy rock ’n’ roll album that we feel very proud of. A wam bam beat that will knock you of your feet.” 

Its an album crammed full of cliches but acceptable ones and authenticity which is the all so important quality that gives this record the edge and makes it so enjoyable.  From the riff-a-Rama of ‘Backstreet Liberace’ with the aforementioned big-hitting friends  like Dregan and Andersson lending their enthusiasm and voices (n guitar skills) its class from the gang vocal chorus to the hook on the guitar to the scrumptious melody but what lifts this one is the horns and that party hard piano.  An absolute Glam-banger.


Its not rocket science what you’re buying into here its Rock(et) n Roll and big fat loud n proud Glam Rock n Roll done in the best possible taste. Sure there is a familiar edge with Sulo on board writing the songs but that a bonus (especially if you love a bit of Diamond Dogs) the opening party anthem of ‘Driving Down A Mountain’ sets the tone right from the off and it doesn’t relent until the final strains of track eleven fades into the rearview mirror.


‘Jaded Eyes’ would have been a TOTP regular with its power-pop muted riff and melody and that chorus. The more I play this album the more outrageous it gets and the more I love it.  ‘Sound Of Sirens’ is one your girlfriend will love and probably motivate her to get a poster of the band on her bedroom wall.


Hell they even get the acoustics out for the campfire swing of ‘Midnight Sunshine Serenade’ you keep waiting for it to break out and go big or go home but it doesn’t it remains understated and reflective. Bloody lovely.  Then to follow it with some Mott The Hoople inspire drum rolls and swagger before signing off with the big sing-a-long of ‘You’re The Revolution’ without a hint of coming across as corny or retro it’ll have you swaying to the rhythm waiting for the inevitable fire works to sign it off.


What a joyful record of wonderfully crafted rock and roll tunes that are delivered with passion and obvious love for what it is they do.  Now, where can I order one of these bloody Glitter Suits I want one so bad no damn it, I need one and so do you.  Quite simply buy this record.

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Author: Dom Daley