No secret that Mr. Skullknuckles share a love of Rock and Roll along similar lines to many of us who remember the 80’s with fondness. No doubt about where Johny comes from musically and from his impeccable take of The Coops ‘Under My Wheels’ he clearly finds the gift of being able to convey that through the medium of Rock and Roll. It’s one cover amongst a blistering set of original choons that Mr. Skullknuckles has lovingly assembled here for our listening pleasure. IT’s Punk n Roll along the lines of the Soho Roses and there’s some Stiv, Heartbreakers in there for sure but it would be unfair to say that this is in any way limited because it’s not. Rest assured it’s not fuckin’ Coldplay but there’s a lot going on here from some cool lyrics that’ll make you smile n giggle to some that will touch your heart.


Let’s be fair here, since covid restrictions and not being able to mix the Rock and Roll wheels have ground to a halt as far as live goes but studio time has meant that some have (Skull) knuckled down and laid down some rather stunning tunes.  ‘A Voice Made For Silent Movies’ is a barnstorming collection that is choc-o-bloc full to the brim of loud Rock and Roll that you can play whilst painting on yer guyliner and polishing yer nails whilst you’re wondering what drinks to mix before settling down to press play on the old stereo and have a lonesome socially distanced listening party.


What we have here is Mr. Skullknuckles best-sounding collection of songs and to be fair he’s never far from bullseye when aiming his musical earworms ‘Gender Fluid’ is a cheeky saucy little number as it glam slams through your ear hole and into your noggin’ and as you blush you’re noddin’ in approval and wanting more. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the tone is set with the opener ‘Still A Little In Love With You’  is that castanets I hear?  Well done sir a much-underused punk rock instrument. Cool guitar licks, punchy rhythms,  lyrics we can all get down with, scuffing rhythms and an uptempo rush of blood.  Love it. Not enough bands are writing ‘Too Many Guys’ kinda songs with some lush harmonies and a bounce that just warms the heart.


He nails that Lure guitar tone on the punchy ‘Suicide And Smiles’ with its melancholic melody its clear Johny was paying attention in the early 80s and absorbing all the magic left in the air when the likes of Stiv Bator played or Hanoi Rocks left a trail of glitter and magic behind them. ‘Wired’ is like a runaway train thundering down the tracks with some tasty licks and a thumping bass line.  In fact, after constant rotation on the death decks at RPM towers I’m loving this more and more.  Who else is writing punk n roll as fine as this?  I need to hear them if there is someone else knocking out so many songs of such a high standard if it’s dramatic acoustic songs like the closing snippet or the cover of classic Coop.  ‘A Voice Made For Silent Movies’ is well worth the price of a warm pint in anyone’s money Christ this should be snapped up by any self-respecting Rocker and then we can all appreciate the talent OF JSK.


Absolute stone-cold bangers,  easily one of the best bunch of tunes I’ve heard all year, no all pandemic, and if you disagree then Up Yer Bum!  Get in touch with JSK on Facebook and get a hold of this CD – you absolutely won’t regret it! Oh and theres more.  As lionel Ritchie once sang “Let the music play on” because there are more treats nailed onto the end of this CD  it simply is the gift that keeps on giving!

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Author: Dom Daley