‘Cassus Belli’ is the latest release from thrashers Archangel A.D. and there isn’t much going on in this collection of songs. Unfortunately for the band, there is much room for improvement. Dodgy lyrics and some ropey drumming really do distract you from some half-decent riffs and solos. The production suffers from a muddy mix which doesn’t propel the songs well at all.

Opening track ‘Bet On Death’ with its nod to Motörhead isn’t bad but we’ve heard it all before… there really isn’t anything on display that held my attention.

Archangel A.D. are doing their best to sound like some old-school thrash legends but they really do have some way to go. A good try from the band, but I really can’t ‘Show No Mercy’. This will end up buried ‘Beneath The Remains’ and I’ll be surprised if Archangel A.D. are ‘Among The Living’ for long.


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Author: Kenny Kendrick