“Gotta do more gotta be more”,  repeat until you fall asleep then when you wake up Gotta Do More Gotta Be More Arghhhh!  God damn you Jack Jones and your earworm lyrics and melodies.

What the fucks been happening live circuit?  It’s been a long eighteen months but tonight was the first tentative step back into the jungle that can be live music venues.  Trampolene are the returning heroes and armed with a new record and a fistful of banging tunes tonight was going to be a welcome return and as soon as the PA sparks into life and that mantra pipes up the trio of returning hibernating rock and rollas marched onto the Globe stage beaming like Cheshire cats it was full steam ahead into some new music.

‘Gotta Do More, Gotta Be More’ with added ripping solos and thumping bassline is the perfect opener as the crazy world of Trampolene live unfolds.  As jack stands on the monitor and shouts out what the fuck has been happening a sense of genuine relief is expelled from the band and audience as one and the Rock and Roll show gets underway properly.  A trampoline show is an interactive experience as the bouncing heaving audience gives themselves over to whatever the band wants and sings every word to both old and new tunes and recites every spoken word of poetry.


Always on the brink of collapse but as tight as a gang of pirates plundering all before them it’s been a long time and the band waste no time with the new tunes ‘Oh Lover’ is up next and time for the band to draw breath.  They dip into their debut album and the compilation of singles before returning to the imminent release ‘Love No Less Than A Queen’ it’s a joyful occasion as it veers from tight-rehearsed Rock to falling over shambles being held together by a thread which is where the magic lies.  ‘Ketamine’ is a strange audience participation number but  ‘My Bourgeois Girl’ isn’t as it makes way for the majestic ‘Gangway’ and the audience is bouncing.


Then a punter is pulled from the audience by Jack to sing ‘Beautiful Pain’ with them and the guy is overwhelmed which is a touching moment amidst all the chaos as Jack acknowledges that it’s still early days in the release of lockdowns and how much it means to the band that people want to venture out and make their first live show a Trampolene show and that’s not lost on the audience either.

To bring this first foray to a close the sweat-drenched band launch into a frantic ‘Alchohol Kiss’, ‘Not Rock and Roll’ complete with white stripe segway before the much-needed relief of ‘Poundland’ before the band sign off with an epic ‘Storm Heaven’ that sees Jones crowd surf throw his mic stand into the crowd before passing his strat over the sea of hands raised aloft before leaving the stage.  It was done we survived a live show and didn’t catch the Rona it was great to be back and wonderful to wake up the following morning with a ringing in the ears and Gotta Do More Gotta Be More repeating to my inner self over and over.  It was all I wanted it to be and from one Jack Bastard to another thanks Jack, Wayne, and Jay you delivered just what the doctor ordered. “You Jack bastard, you jack bastard, You Jack bastard” hahaha! I fuckin loves it, Hot dogs for supper?


Author: Dom Daley

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