Hard Rocking – Freewheeling mofos from Norway not so much reinventing the wheel, rather they’re jacking the fucker up and filling the tank with plenty of rocket fuel and strapping themselves in for a rip-snorting rocket ride in the time-honoured tradition handed down to them by the likes of fellow Norwegians Captain Poon and his Gluecifer bandmates.


The second ‘Autobahn Outlaws’ hits your speakers you know what you’re in for.  It’s fast n furious and cool as fuck. Hold on though because ‘Go!, Go!, Go!’ is harder and faster and with a bit more grunt in the tank.  Like a fuckin huge wrecking ball thundering out of your speakers it’s right on the money and a beautiful noise.


It’s dished up via ten thunderous muscle car slabs of RnR and if you want to call it Action Rock then that’s what it is.  Hard as nails and uncompromising.  Really phat sounding record with plenty of punch in the rhythm section to shove it on down the line towards some monster riffs and solos to boot.  ‘Last Dollar’ is a great example from the screaming solo to the thumping bass and drum run down its beefy as fuck!


The billy big balls tunes come thick and fast as ‘Booze, Gambling & Hotrods’ will testify. Sindre Gasöline has a fair set of pipes at his disposal that compliment the tunes perfectly melodic yet the required amount of gravel and grunt these songs require.  These guys sure lean heavily on the grease and wheels side of Rock and Roll with titles suitably named ‘Speed Freaks’, ‘Demolition Derby’ and ‘Fireball Garage’.  The passion is relentless as is the need to Rock out right to the very last vapour of fuel is drained from their tanks. that is until they reach the foot-stomping Blues of the last number ‘whiskey Blues’ because when these boys aren’t revving their engines their drinking their liquor and being responsible I’m sure but hold on the whiskey is taking effect and they’re off on one again but I like it as they rinse every last drop of Rock out of their instruments before they’re done which is as it should be.  All hail the Gasölines – Horns aloft and Rock on brothers and sisters,  if you can indeed keep up that is.


Instagram: @thegasolines

Author: Dom Daley