There are many crazy ways I’ve discovered new bands over the years, but seeking out a band just because I liked a patch that I’d spied on a mate’s battle jacket had to be a first for yours truly. This is exactly how I first discovered London based pagan metallers Green Lung though, the patch in question initially sending me to their Bandcamp page, where just a few streams later I found myself securing a copy of their 2019 released ‘Woodland Rites’ debut on vinyl.


Given their love of all things Mother Earth, it’s no pun intended when I say that the band’s popularity right now appears to be completely “organic”, and there’s certainly no scene with which to badge this five-piece outfit, and for me that’s what makes them stand out on from the rest of the UK hard rock/metal scene right now.


‘Black Harvest’, the band’s second full length record, is one (if the rumours are to be believed) that could have seen Green Lung move to a major label, however appreciating exactly what Svart Records did for them with their debut release, the lads opted to stay with the Finnish independent instead for the release of their sophomore album, and it’s easy to hear why they decided to stay put.


For any of you who might be reading this and have yet to experience the heavy metal majesty of Green Lung I’ve always thought the best way to describe them is to imagine the soundtrack to The Wicker Man (1973 version) if it had been scored by the Ozzy fronted Black Sabbath. Now with ‘Black Harvest’ I’d actually be inclined to say its more like In The Earth scored by Ghost, as long-time producer Wayne Adams working with John Davis at Metropolis have certainly brought the band kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, well sonically at least. However, if I’m totally honest, that’s over simplifying the true depth of Green Lung’s appeal, and here’s why.


As with their debut album ‘Black Harvest’ kicks off with a short introduction, albeit unlike with the debut ‘The Harrowing’ is full of musical twists of turns and packs a Zeal & Ardor meets King Crimson with Brian May on guitar kind of progressive metal punch that immediately throws you headlong into Green Lung 2021.


The sound is simply colossal as the likes of ‘Old Gods Final’ and the staggeringly brilliant ‘Leaders Of The Blind’ relentlessly batter your eardrums. The initial Sabbath-y chug of the latter morphing seamlessly into a catchy as hell chorus delivered with suitable aplomb by the ever-excellent vocalist Tom Templar and all underpinned by a Hammond organ that simply reeks of an in their prime Uriah Heep. And that right there folks is why I say to try and compare Green Lung to any one band or style is actually doing the band (and you as a listener) a total disservice.


You try and pigeonhole the barnstorming ‘Reapers Scythe’ or the melancholic beauty of ‘Graveyard Sun’ and you run the risk of missing just what makes Green Lung so special…the fact that they are unlike any other hard rock/metal band in the UK right now.


Look, I’m actually going to let you to discover the rest of ‘Black Harvest’ for yourselves, simply because you will hear things that I probably haven’t when the album is finally released on 22nd of October. Hit the links below to secure your copy NOW!


Oh, and let’s not forget, Nazi Occultists Fuck Off!

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Author: Johnny Hayward