Swedens Chuck Norris Experiment are back in circulation and armed with an album that’s busying the moves of a band that have been in hibernation for far too long and have a tonne of pent-up aggression that they need to expel or else.


Kicking off with ‘Dirtshot’ it seems at least they have been able to vent in a positive manner. Beginning with electric guitars being Rinsed of every ounce of Distortion possible the cowbell rings out as Chuck enters the fray and the Rock begins.  With a driving solid rhythm, CNE have found the sweet spot of Action Rock and going to detonate as they see fit.


It’s a confident opener that gets faster and is played harder on ‘Landslide’.  The handicaps are like an exclamation mark as the band stretch their legs and riff and roll with the


best of em. As ‘Landslide’ collides with the rapid ‘Kill The Night’ that struts its stuff right out of the speakers and into your ear like the best earworms.


There’s a change of pace as the menacing ‘In For The Kill’ builds slowly into a wall of guitars with some subtle Stooges piano tinkling for good measure.


One of the band’s finest tunes is punched out as ‘Turning Me Inside Out’ is slammed out of the speakers with real fire inside and attitude aplenty.


With twelve offerings to the Hard Rocking mofo Community, there is plenty of grunt on show as this hotrod opens up on ‘Benefit Of Doubt’ and of course, ‘Hand Grenade’ goes off. In a time when people are pulled up for over masculine gestures, there is still plenty of sweat and testosterone flowing through this album and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


The title track is the beneficiary of some cool backing vocals and arrangements from the floor tom thumping to the grunt on that bass.  Great tune and a real highlight. ‘Spin It Right’ kicks off like the Dictators on ‘Who Will Save Rock and Roll’ and on the evidence of this album it would seem that Chuck Norris Experiment will be in the front leading the charge. Rock or step aside and these guys are indeed kissing the viper without a care for their safety.


There’s time yet for some slow grinding blues at the ‘Devils Lake’ but wait that’s a cock Rock rolling riff on ‘Bad Blood’.  It seems that there is no stone unturned on ‘This Will Leave A Mark’ and the band leave the building with a post-apocalyptic ‘New Day Rising’ with its gentle chord roll out and softly sung vocals.


CNE has once again nailed this Hard Rockin lark and made it look easy but be careful kids these gents are professionals and have been at this game for a long time and that experience shows this will indeed leave a mark as it exits your head.


As the world emerges from the past nightmare 18 months it’s great to hear some things can carry on if not get better and stronger and that can be said of this album and these players.

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Authir: Dom Daley