Zombie Elvis takes a fast ride with the Shangri Las while listening to a Ramones, Cramps mixtape and drinking Motorhead Beer. Sure I’ll go with that who wouldn’t? featuring former/members of Goldblade, Anti Nowhere League, Jayne County, The Business, Poison Hearts, The Confused, Motorvators its a no-brainer for RPM to be all over this bad boy.

The familiar pipes of Johny Skullknuckles – plough through the speakers as he leads this merry bunch of punk rockers through their paces with a Ramones meets the Misfits intro on the title track and there’s no letup either as ‘Flatliner’ smashes on through on some Motorhead tip with the soul intent of smashing your skull in through the medium of punk n roll and before the zombie’s attack and eat your brain this lot are putting it through a mixer then mincing it with their devilishly good tunes.  I’m already singing with the gang on the big chorus.

The pace goes from foot to the floor to the creepy crawly muted rock n roll of ‘Sweet Toothed Sickness’ and what a fine example of smooth laid back rock a billy this is. Love the reverb swampyness of the lick with that wah solo echoing around the graveyard it cool as kids.


Wait, what? ‘Necro Nina’ is galloping like a slice of Maiden oh shit I spilt my cocktail for a minute but Johny’s vocals pulled me back.  There’s a spooktacular intro on ‘Drag Me To Hell’ and we’re off as we creep and crawl to the depths of hell as the Rev handles vox here and kicks the shit out of the tune all the way to its undignified ending.


The next few tracks tick over nicely from the Cramps inspired swamp lick of ‘The Devil Rides Out’ and you have to love the B movie intros that set the tone for what’s about to spew forth from ones speaker ‘Buried Alive My Baby’ has that Fuzztones swirling organ heading into a bit of punky psyche territory.


‘Of Flies And Men’ is right in the horror rock-a-billy bag and it’s carried off really well and the louder you play it the better it sounds.  The horror punk tunes smash and grab you as they climb out of the speakers racing towards the finale which is rather splendid.  ‘It’s Alive!’ has some tasty stand-up bass slap shuffling along with the drums for one of the album’s high lights, it’s a great way to close off a really impressive album.  Regardless of what’s on offer musically, you’re supporting some great charitable causes so whilst playing the soundtrack as you open up a portal to Beelzebub know that the funds are being put to good use and you never know you might only stay for the barbeque before being let back on earth to walk for a bit longer doing good things.  Bargain.  Get it and love it and remember it’s the little things in life that count and the good tunes to soundtrack it. Spooktacular!


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All proceeds to Furry Tails Cat Sanctuary and Overgate Cancer Hospice.

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Author: Dom Daley