Holy shit Batman.  The Living End release details of their first live album but there’s a catch.  What? A catch I hear you say.  Well sort of its limited to just 1000 pieces so that’s made it highly collectable for a kickoff and it comes bundled with the brand new studio album ‘Wunderbar’ (reviewed here next week)

A gatefold LP with the new album on purple wax and the live LP on Red n Black.  Tracklist – End Of The World, Raise The Alarm, Roll On, Second Solution, Don’t Lose It, How Do We Know, Drop The Needle, What Would You Do, E Boogie, Hold Up.

The band had this to say about the live record –“Recorded over 3 shows from our ‘18 European tour, we proudly give you our live album as a treat along with our latest studio album “Wünderbar”. From festivals to club shows it was a summer of love for TLE and this recording comes straight off the press with no overdubs or fix-ups, just all the blood and sweat that was shed on the night. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we did. Loud and clear on vinyl.”