Pareidolia is the latest release from Norwegian prog metal band Ohmwork. The band have been quite prolific releasing four albums and an EP since 2012. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Anders L. Rasmussen, bassist Helge Nyrud, and new drummer Einar Petersen from death-metal band Deception, the band make an impressive noise.

Their sound merges metal with many different genres, opening track ‘Born from Black’ has echoes of ‘Synchronicity’ era Police with pummelling riffs mixed in. The guys are superb musicians, and they seem to be able to switch styles effortlessly. Other highlights include the extremely catchy ‘Liquid Fire’ and ‘Mental Meltdown’ which features some classy drumming from Petersen. The album is an interesting and enjoyable listen which constantly catches you off guard with the music heading in different directions.

If you like Dream Theatre, Porcupine Tree etc than you should take the time to check out Ohmwork. A well-crafted album with quality songs wrapped up in an unusual package. A double thumbs up from me!


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Author: Kenny Kendrick