The Slackers – ‘Windowland’ (Pirates Press Records)  This incredible semi-transparent printed one-sided 12” is limited and absolutely going to fly off the shelves once people start seeing them in person! Grab one fast before it’s too late!! A horn honking slice of prime time Ska from the Slackers.  ‘Windowland’ has got such a cool laid back vibe going on it’s almost horizontal. The B Side is more of the same with a super cool laid back vibe on ‘I Almost Lost You’ but by a hairs breadth, ‘Windowland’ has it.





The Dilrods – ‘One Nation Under Rod’ (Self Release)  four track EP kicking off with the snotty ‘Smash You Up’ like a late-night stagger home from a jolly good night out is followed up with the swagger of ‘Raw Meat’ with its tip-top groove sounding like its been given a kickin’ but it’s still got a swagger and an attitude that it doesn’t much give two fucks. ‘Bondo’ is another bruiser like a street fighter it’s coming out swinging.  Another top release from The Dilrods that leaves you wanting more as ‘Out To Sea’ is a right banger to sign off with like a vintage long lost Stooges romp its got quality running right through it and is well worth picking up even if this is only digital for now it’s a must-have quartet of tunes that clock in at under ten minutes.  Get Here



Smashed Gladys – ‘Bleed For Me’ (Golden Robot Records)   Another of the previously unreleased demos for the third Smashed Gladys record that brings you what might have been.  Sally Kato (RIP) delivers another sleazy rock n roll performance on an otherwise standard rocker from the East Coast rockers.  that doesn’t sound much like a cowbell more like the side of a whisky tumbler.  some nice guitar breaks you can tell it’s still a demo.

Listen/Buy ‘Bleed for Me’ HERE






The Dirty Denims – ‘Even When I’m Wrong I’m Right’ (Self Release)  Huge sounding slab of high energy rock and roll as the band release this live take via streaming services.  With a filthy bass sound that can bulldoze buildings it’s a ripper of a tune.  You can also catch the band on tour through November in Spain   Tuesday, November 02, 2021 La Ley Seca Zaragoza  Wednesday, November 03, 2021 Dabadaba Donosti  Thursday, November 04, 2021 Mardi Gras A coruna  Friday, November 05, 2021 Lestrato fest Ourense  Saturday, November 06, 2021 Casino Sarria Sunday, November 07, 2021 Niagara Santander,  November 12th: MTC – Cologne (DE)
/w Black Sheriff + Stacy Crowne More info the FB-event,   November 20th: Muziekcafé – Helmond (NL)
/w X Raiders Get your tickets now  More info in the FB-event

November 26th: The Other Side – Peer (BE) Get your tickets now More to be announced


Bitch Queens – ‘Con Man Contraband’ (Lux Noise Records) Never made a bad record – Fact! Bitch Queens are back with a high octane thumper that builds and builds and breaks new ground as the band stretch their boundaries and like a punch to the temple it hits the spot as a taster for the new record thats coming.  Absolute banger! how these cats aren’t fucking huge God only knows.    Album (out 5.11.21) still up for preorder here:


Ryan Hamilton – ‘Do The Damage’ (Wicked Cool Records)  1221 Album Project. 10 months & 10 songs into this crazy idea… and only 2 more to go. but what a song to sign off October with. A really punchy upbear rocker. Part Tom Robinson part Quo boogie-woogie but with a big fat smile punched all over the track.  Get hold of this record as soon as it’s released it’s a right Bobbie dazzler as they say somewhere or other.  With variety and some top songwriting and this might just be the track that’s the cherry on the icing on the cake get it on kids it’s anthemic and rockin’ with a big chorus with some Van Halen esque keys for good measure.  Here



Steve Conte – ‘Flyin’ (Wicked Cool Records)  The latest video lifting a track off the new Steve Conte solo record sees Steve knock out an acoustic driven trip back to the Faces heyday with what amounts to his best ever vocal performance that will give you goosebumps.  

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – ‘Sherry Darling’ Lifted from a November issue of the No Nukes DVD this is prime time Springsteen and his band. Not often we review Springsteen but this is knockout stuff. NYC to Jersey in two new releases. East Coast is rocking it on RPM The No Nukes is coming out on CD LP and DVD. Pre-order the film and live album here: