Toronto’s premiere buzz band, Wine Lips, have just released their latest, rock n roll bloodbath of a video for the single In the Clear. It’s their third, ferocious-freakout-single from their upcoming LP Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party due out October 29th on Montreal’s Stomp Records. The video, which was Directed by Ciarán Downes, filmed by Jamie Gagain and edited by Ciarán Downes & Taylor Lucas is a tongue in cheek look at overreactions and self-diagnosis. Singer Cam Hilborn describes the video by saying, “We wanted to play off a person’s reaction to some bad news but in a very over exaggerated way. The video follows a clown who has just been given news that he is an expecting father on a parody of the Maury Show. The result is the clown having a complete meltdown and going on a killing spree”.

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In the Clear highlights the rhythmic symmetry that drummer Aurora Evans and Cam Hilborn have perfected over the course of creating their acclaimed recording catalogue. Press have already been salivating over the new album with rave reviews for their teaser-single “Eyes”. Spotify, Indie 88, Exclaim! Magazine, and Brooklyn Vegan have all promoted the new album with keen anticipation. The new single In the Clear continues to deliver their ferocious brand of new school, inde-tinged garage rock. Commenting on the message behind the new single, Hilborn says, “In the Clear tells a story a few can likely relate to of feeling like a hypochondriac. When self diagnosis becomes alarming after researching symptoms on the world wide web and the results are of course interpreted to imply that death is around the corner. Then you work up enough courage to see the doctor only to have them tell you that you’re fine and that there was nothing to be worried about in the first place.”