In early 2014, long-time friends Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippman decided that their time was here and nowand put a band and demo together and began playing shows in Chicago, Tragically, towards the end of that year, Mike passed away at the age of 23 due to an accidental drug overdose. In honour and continual recognition of their friendship, Matt decided to continue the band and the vision the two of them shared for the future of the Poison Boys. Tourchbearers for all things sleazy and punk rock n roll Poison boys were now on a mission.

Releasing two singles for No Front Teeth Records, before releasing a third on ‘White zoo Records’ time was quickly approaching for the band to finally complete a full length album, and  ‘Out of My Head’ was born to Dead Beat Records in 2019.

The current line-up of Poison Boys of singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik, guitarist Steve Elfinger, bassist Nico Bones, and drummer Matt Chaney needed to follow up the debut with further proof that these cats are the real deal and sleazy Rock n roll isn’t dead nor on life support but in rude health and kicking ass and taking names. Signing with Golden Robot/Riot Records in July 2021 is proof enough that Poison Boys aren’t slowing down any day soon and right from the first beat this sophomore record is on fire!

Think classic Dolls mixed with the best of The Heartbreakers (Johnnys ones not Toms) and a fair smattering of other significant influences like the attitude of the Stooges and Hanoi Rocks and you’re sort of in the right ballpark. The albums title track is such a trip of classic Rock and Roll with a subtle undercurrent of twelve-bar boogie its got a healthy doff of the cap to T Rex meets debut Faster Pussycat but it comes across as effortless and the attitude and gang mentality shines through and when it’s done this well it’s exciting and a really great listen.

The opening salvo of the title track and the pummeling of snotty punk rock with great gang vocals on ‘Living On The Edge Of A Knife’ is superb. The songs are short and sweet and the production is bright and in the front of your speakers like a snarling dog, Check out ‘Day By Day’ if you don’t believe me with the guitar breaks jumping up like a hungry German shepherd dog smelling blood. the lead track was the Sweet inspired ‘Little Speedway Girl’ with its banging chorus clocks in at a sub two minutes of wham bang thank you mam then get the hell out of dodge. Perfect.

You’ve got to love the swagger of ‘Dick In The Dirt’ Poison Boys have really stepped up to the plate on this one and the quality of the songs is awesome with great riffs tied to great melodies all wrapped up with great vocals pulling it all together like every gang needs, check out the BV’s on ‘She’s Nowhere’ then follow it on with the acoustic rocker of ‘Sweet Marie’ as the boys strip it back to basics with every ounce of dirt being rinsed out of the acoustics whilst the bass drum keeps the beat before a Townsend guitar crashes in to compliment the tune.

Man I love the guitar tone crashing against the saxophone on ‘I Was Cryin’ as the vocals recall some epic early 80s Iggy for good measure then to sign off they tip the hat to Jerry Nolan with a pretty scorching version of ‘Take A Chance’ that just about hits the spot for what has been an excellent record.

If you’re gonna take a chance on buying a new loud and snotty record then ‘Don’t You Turn On Me’ is one I would highly recommend. Now getoutofhere!

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Author: Dom Daley