Wonk Unit. what can you say about The Wonk that hasn’t already been said? Is Alex a punk rock genius or just plain mentalist? Always thinking outside the box and creating a sound that is thoroughly unique and inventive yet so very punk rock in fact Wonk are the embodiment of what is punk rock in the 21st century. One thing for sure regardless of who plays in the band the songs are always original and on point and fanbloodytastic.

‘Uncle Daddy’ Who knows what the fuck it’s all about I suspect Alex isn’t always sure. Contains twenty, yup twenty songs. From the opener ‘Green Eyed Monster’ to the closing ‘Summer Time’ oozes class and often the work of a songwriting genius.

After a rapid opener in the shape of the effervescent ‘Green Eyed Monster’ There’s a slightly creepy intro from Peter minus his test-tube babies and we’re off again with ‘Strength’ with its synth keyboard feeding the song its melodic line that gives it life as the song skittles along nicely. ‘Skin To Skin’ is smooth like butter as it gallops along to Alex’s direct vocal style. The song soars to its conclusion before ‘Stop’ adds a stomp with its tribal rhythm and distorted vocals it’s a menacing maneuver as the song moves forward with purpose but the beauty of Wonk is the songs don’t last two minutes and often leave you wanting more.

Where Wonk excell is songs like ‘Traditional Punk Song’ with some superb lyrics that really resonate as he takes aim at Patel and tory voters, in general, his conscience is clear as is mine I might add.

‘Raise My Glass’ is like the best Chumbawumba song with a big melody put to a familiar soundscape that just works. An album that comfortably fits on one side of a C90 with room to spare and what amounts to double albums worth of material that never drops below excellent wonk Unit do it again from raging punk rock that is simply uncompromising like ‘My Blood’, ‘Jamie’ and ‘Profiteroles’ to the downright headfuckers of the albums closer ‘Summertime’ with its bonkers lyrics and where they outdo anything the likes of Shaun Ryder could ever come up with at his finest Black Grape of Happy Mondays moments. You also have the 80s theme tune of ‘I’m Ok’ and the quirky ‘Bloodstains’ and the Wonk staples of ‘Cyclist song’ and ‘Disco Fever’ that fuck with the punks who want straight down the line punk rock. Wonk Unit is the embodiment of being a free spirit in a time when bands are vying to fit in and a place where we shoehorn bands into our safe genres, wonk aren’t like that they are a square peg in a round hole and that’s where they work best. Twenty songs is a hefty piece of work for anyone but for Wonk it’s just about perfect. Don’t fuck about get this ordered and in your collection pronto – it’s a real beauty.

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Author: Dom Daley