The Perfect Time To React is the new single from “Out Of Tune, Out Of Key” Lester Greenowski’s latest solo effort released at the end of 2019 on Tornado Ride Records.

The video has been crafted by English animator Neil Williams “Stelos485”, already known for his works on songs by Beatles, Ramones, Bad Brains etc.

Williams sets The Perfect Time To React in a dystopian future with a style strongly influenced by Bakshi, Balser, Campbell and classics such as “Heavy Metal”.

The collaboration between the two artists was born during the pandemic that crushed Greenowski’s tour dates and his new work promotion. The Perfect Time To React therefore presents itself as the right opportunity to work together on something new.

The song, despite being written, recorded and released just before the world pandemic, seems to have been specially composed.

Today, the two artists share their work hoping that it will be inspirational to those seeking the strength to react. Lester and Neil try to convey their desire to return to normality.

The Perfect Time To React is another important step in Lester’s artistic career, who in a few months will celebrate his first twenty years as an author.

Lester, in Italy, represents the perfect link between Punk and Hard Rock. A bridge between the two genres that the artist has embraced in a transversal way.

Lester is able to express himself through his music reaching both audiences. Injecting his music with a strong Rock and Roll attitude breaks him out of the niches.

In his twenty years of activity, Lester proves to be one of the few Italian artists with a great international scope, with a strong street credibility gathered on the field in about a thousand live shows throughout Europe.

Countless openings, the likes of the underground audience, as well as the seal of approval of fellow musicians that Lester regularly involves in his recordings or with whom he plays with (Honest John Plain, The Crybabys, Brandy Row etc.) make him one of the most interesting characters in Italian Rock And Roll.

Lester still has a lot to say and sing. Let’s start today with The Perfect Time!!!