OK, so what are we calling noisy Rock n Roll these days? Punk n Roll? Action Rock? Deathpunk? Nah who gives a shiny shit if it’s loud N Rockin’ then let’s just call it what Lemmy called Motorhead Loud Rock n Roll. That’ll do for me and I guess it’ll do for The Brokendolls as well. Because they play loud (i guess) and it’s definitely Rock n Roll.

IT has its roots straddled from the Northern fields of Scandi Rock al A Backyard Babies (early Babies please) and some hard Rock from whatever continent you care to associate with loud guitars, punk rock and a taste for leather jackets and tattoos. The record kicks off in style from the mellow beginnings of ‘Snakecharmer’ with the melodramatic dueling guitars twisting their way into your brain before falling into line Thin Lizzy style and rockin’ like fuck! into a more Zugly territory with ‘No Return’ its like a barking dog of a tune. With a good hook on the chorus and some shit-kicking verses.

Their off into some sort of groove with ‘I Am Right’ with the gang vocals packing a punch it reminds me of Radio Dead Ones which, believe me, is a great place to be. From here on it’s pretty relentless with a pounding rhythm and confrontational vocals wrapping themselves around an intense temp and plenty of big chorus gang vocals to be getting on with.

There’s plenty of groove on ‘Weer All Crazee Now’ from the vocals to the snarling guitars its striding several genres from the hard rock zero fucks given through the punk n roll that needs to be heard live in a sweaty club with a loud PA. If that’s not possible then shove this on your stereo and turn the fucker up.

It’s got tunes to get the adrenalin going and your heart pumping hard ‘You Will Always Walk Alone’ is a good case in point from the Rock riff to the throwback solo and the hard rock stabs before getting back into the gang vocals to take this fucker home.

I do like the twisted song titles where they bastardize classic titles much like Zugly do and ‘I Love Myself For Hating you’. Then it was done. A short but sweet slab of noise that will please those searching for a new (ish) band they can get behind that loves rocking out and doing it with attitude. Get on it kids it’s a banger!

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Author: Dom Daley