Leigh Fuge.

We all know Billy Idol, he’s the peroxide hair, curled lip punk rocker who made a successful transition to 80s mega-stardom. Idol brings the attitude and snarl of his punk background and combines it with some pop sensibilities to give us the arsenal of anthems we all know and love. I’ve always had a soft spot for Billy Idol.

Vital Idol was a best of album, putting all his best-known bangers into one place. Here we have the “Revitalized” version of the best of. This time, the tracks are framed in a new way. Remixed by some of the world’s top electronic music producers.

So, what happens when you take the punk rock stomp and 80s pomp of Billy Idol, chop it up and make it more electronic-focused? Well…

White Wedding kicks off proceedings, but initially, I can only think of one word to describe this new take on the track. It rhymes with white but starts with a different letter.

Straight into ‘Dancing with Myself’ we’re welcomed with a pulsing synth line over Idol’s trademark snarl. This feels more Ibiza 1998 than LA 1987 to me.

Eyes Without a Face made me wish I was a head without ears.

Rebel Yell with its new dubstep style leanings is about as revitalized and exciting as an Osmond’s reunion tour.

There are so many great songs on this album, but the new treatment has certainly made them as thunderous as a damp rag. From the strange 90s style ambient house leanings of Flesh for Fantasy to a modern EDM pop style take on Hot In The City, this album is making no great impact.

While I am not a fan of electronic music in general, I can appreciate a good remix when I hear one. It all feels a bit dated and contrived and even with some big hitters like Moby and Paul Oakenfold in the frame, it still does not revitalize this track listing.

Revitalized? I think not. This is more a case of the vital signs fading. Come on Billy, let’s get those guitars turned back up to 10 and get the place rocking again.

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