Where do you start, when the latest release comes winging across the inter web from RPM online HQ, and said release comes from one of the best live acts on the planet, every gig a call to arms full of passion, intensity and sheer bloody mindedness.

This from a band that has probably the most culturally diverse make up on the planet. Held together and driven forward by one of the best frontmen (Eugene Hutz) you will have the pleasure to see. If I was to say the Gogol part of the name came from Nikolai Gogol a classical Russian writer of Ukrainian origin, someone who introduced Ukrainian culture into Russian Society, and the fact that the lead singer is Ukrainian then now is the time to release all that pent up anger, intensity through the medium of music.

We are talking about a band that performed for the Ukrainian troops to raise spirits, have released singles/collaborations with all proceeds going to Ukrainian relief agencies. While both the benefit gig they set up and the following Benefit tour have helped a nation under the most extreme pressure imaginable from Russian attempted Oppression.

On to the LP and fuck does it tear out of the speakers, opening track Shot of Solidaritine hits that mix of Funk, punk and gypsy folk what a set opener this would be, you can just see the live insanity, the mosh pits, crowd surfing and general good times vibe. Next up Focus Coin introduces a background skank to the punk again a track that’s going to drive the crowd faster and faster. Three tracks in and I’m bouncing around the room and Blueprint does nothing to slow things down, the gypsy stomp emphasising the lyrics they really are “Not playing with you”. Next up The era of the end of eras featuring HR  takes thing in a very different direction driving that typical hardcore riff into the mix and potentially my fave track on the LP!! The LP just doesn’t let up and next into the ring I’m coming out hits that gypsy punk mix that they’ve made their own before we’re into, Knack for life, The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant, and Take only what you can carry each hard hitting, in their own right the first more hard hitting in its message by slowing things down with more focus on the lyrics, the second by lifting things back up bringing that punk guitar back before the third smashes things back open, the dual vocals give it another feel and this again I can just picture the counterpoint Male/female vocals live driving the music, in turn lifting the intensity of the crowd. My imaginary son, and Forces of Victory again raise the LP to melting point. After a deep breath (this Lp doesn’t relent at all) you realise how many genres this in fact crosses over and then we’re into Fire on Ice Flow, where the Ska/ Dub influence takes control?????this comes straight out of the left field. As we move on into the acoustic led Gut Guidance, which brings back the punk edge and LP closer Hucklebury Generation I have to finish up with this is possibly the most complete Gogol Bordello LP so far, there are some real stunners here.

What a fuckin LP, buy it!!! You won’t regret it, dare to be different.

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Author: Nev Brooks