Newtown Neurotics have given the world five albums and eight singles Of course its a lockdown record Written and recorded by the band whilst covid shut down the globe, Bands found a way to stay productive and thanks to this here internet the world is a smaller place and you can now post in ideas that can thrive and grow in to full-blown bad assed records that mean something. In these post-referendum times (the last twelve years of Tory Austerity) punk rock has got a focus to rally against and when you lock out the static noise from right-wing media with a divide-and-conquer agenda or self-serving people running our government punk rock has a target, when the punk rock has a target there are always great bands writing great songs. Newtown Neurotics bring a brand of honest positive punk rock and through Cadiz, they have a platform to make a difference. Punk Rock or good punk Rock has a big heart and soul and believes in itself that it can and will make a difference to someone somewhere.

People say they don’t like politics in their music but sadly for them, life is politics every day we wake up and take a breath we are living politics.

If you want inspiration these days in the UK the government has done fuck all else but give give give as far as ammo for songwriters. The album starts off with a jarring, sprightly ‘Climate Emergency’. The first thing I got was how punchy the production was with a well-rounded sound. Of course they aren’t kids anymore and that comes across in the tempo and delivery but the lyrics are still as sharp as ever.

the band still want to agitate, educate & organise!.  It’s like the 90 and naughties never happened and the pain of the Thatcher years are fresh kind of hell for us to endure. Have we learnt anything? This a point I feel The Neurotics ponder as well. Many of the songs focus on working people and how they live their lives. ‘Liar Liar’ has a great groove and still packs a punch. No prizes for who they might be ranting about.

I find the lyrics uplifting and inspiring not depressing and I like to think ‘Take Your Dirty Hands Off My Town’ has the beating heart of Joe Strummer and the subject matter is something he would look down on and nod in approval. I also hear some Pete Shelly in the vocal melody and delivery, excellent song!

The drive of ‘Hope’ is great with the rhythm packing quite the punch whereas ‘Dumb’ is a more swirling rhythm and I find myself leaning in to listen to the lyrics. Racism, flat earthers it’s all in here. I love the melody of ‘Hell In A Handcart’ and whilst the verse builds up to the chorus the woo hoos were unexpected. The vibe is carried on as Acoustic guitars are strummed for ‘Stand With You’, solidarity brothers in what is an altogether more gentle approach its dare I say it mellower and less angry even if the lyrics are to the point and take no prisoners. It does remind me of a cousin of ‘Stay Free’ in style and arrangement.

Leaving us with the louder ‘I Get On Your Nerves’ is a stomper the breakdown is excellent and I bet would sound awesome in a tight club dripping in sweat cleansing your conscience building and heaving before kicking the doors out and incorporating the likes of you’re so vain works well.

‘Cognitive Dissidents’ is still sticking its fingers up to the establishment and good on ’em. Newtown Neurotics clearly have a strong moral fiber running through their collective souls and it’s great that they still feel strongly enough to keep raging at the machine. Turn this fucker up and leave any preconceived misconceptions at the door. Get into ’em!

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Author: Dom Daley